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Eat Local! Best Farmers Markets: Columbia, SC

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Have you visited any farmers’ markets in Columbia, SC? Are you looking for opportunities to support local farmers, artists, crafters, and musicians? Whether you’re in need of great places to purchase fresh, locally-grown produce, unique artwork, baked goods, or even fresh flowers, we’ve got several places for you! Below, we’ve got a list of the best farmers’ markets in and around Columbia! 

Farmers' Market in Columbia, SC: Farmer's Markets to visit

Be sure to also check out our restaurant guide for ideas on where to enjoy fresh produce, kid-friendly meals, and more!

This article includes:
Soda City Market
West Columbia Meeting Street Artisan Market
Clemson Sandhill Market
Blythewood Farmers Market
Lake Carolina Farmers Market
South Carolina State Farmers Market

Why Try a Columbia SC Farmers Market? 

Farmers’ markets are not only a fantastic way to support local farmers and other small businesses, but also a great way to pick out flavorful food that is oftentimes a lot better for our health! Get fresh veggies and fruit at peak season. Several vendors at the farmers’ markets listed below provide organic local produce, allergy-free products such as sauces, spices, and baked goods, as well as cage and chemical-free eggs and meat.

Aside from delicious foods, these local markets also have one-of-a-kind hand-crafted items and focus on all forms of art – painting, photography, sewing, music, woodwork, etc. The atmosphere at farmers’ markets is always so laid-back, making for a wonderful social event with your family and friends!  

Soda City Market in Columbia, SC, people walking at the farmers' market, Columbia, SC

Our Favorite Farmers Markets: Columbia SC

You can find a local farmers’ market happening almost every day of the week. Most of these run from spring – late fall, however, there are a few markets that continue year-round! Pro tip: before heading out, be sure to grab a decent-sized bag to carry around and hold all of your fresh produce, specialty items, and unique finds – we promise you’ll need it!

Soda City Market

Address: 1300 Main St., Columbia, SC 29201
When: Every Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm, year-round

Looking for a fantastic way to start your Saturday morning? The Soda City Market in downtown Columbia will not disappoint. Seriously, you haven’t been to a farmers market until you’ve been to Soda City! Several blocks of Main Street are closed off for this event, allowing people to walk in the road and on the sidewalks. The best part is, you can shop year-round!

Each weekend you can expect to find around 150 vendors. Soda City is a producer-only market which means that everything you find will be handmade or grown by the vendors. Some things you can expect to find here are small, local farmers selling delicious fruits and veggies, flowers, food vendors, coffee trucks, clothing, homemade bread, paintings, musicians, sweet treats, and SO MUCH more. 

All walkways are wide enough for strollers and wagons, however, they can be a bit tricky to maneuver through the crowds during peak times. This is one of the many reasons why we suggest getting there as early as possible, especially if you’ve got smaller kiddos!  Furry friends are welcome to join you at the market as well. 

If you decide to check out Soda City, there are several options for parking. Keep in mind that metered spots are free on Saturdays. But, if you can’t find a metered space, there are three nearby parking garages to try on Lady St., Taylor St., and Washington St. My family and I usually head straight to the garage on Taylor St. as it is only half a block away from the action! 

Soda City Market

Soda City Market flowers in Columbia, SC

West Columbia Farmers’ Market

Address: WeCo Interactive Art Park – 425 Meeting St., West Columbia, SC 
When: Saturdays from 11 am to 3 pm AND the second Thursday of each month from 4 pm to 8 pm

Under the pavilion at the WeCo Interactive Art Park you will find this awesome farmers market! The Artisan Market has several vendors such as local artists, baked goods, seasonal produce, and crafts. After finishing up your shopping, take a stroll through the Art Park or try out a new restaurant as there are several to choose from within just a few blocks of the market. 

West Columbia Meeting Street Artisan Market

Clemson Sandhill Farmers Market

Address: 900 Clemson Road, Columbia, SC 29229
When: Tuesdays from 2 pm to 6 pm beginning in May and ending in November 

At the Clemson Sandhill Farmers Market you will find farmers from all around the region selling fresh and seasonal produce, local honey, baked goods, flowers, eggs, farm-raised meat, and a whole lot more! There are also various crafters and artists that sell their work – paintings, jewelry, and unique clothing items, just to name a few. The Clemson Sandhill Farmers’ Market will being the 2023 season on May 2nd!

Clemson Sandhill Farmers Market

Blythewood Farmers Market

Address: Doko Meadows Park – 171 Langford Rd., Blythewood, SC 29016
When: Wednesdays from 4 pm to 7 pm beginning in spring and ending in fall 

The Blythewood Farmers Market is set up in the large field all around the amphitheater at Doko Meadows Park. Here, you will find over 30 vendors ranging from fresh produce to a table for the local library and everything in between.

By visiting their website you can see a detailed list of vendors each week and where they will be set up around the park. The 10th season of the Blythewood Farmers’ Market begins April 17, 2023!

There is so much for kids to do at the Blythewood Farmers Market. Most weeks, you can find the “Amazing Train Ride” setup. This is a 4-minute long “train ride” that your kiddos will love!

Also, with the Doko playground and walking trails close by, you can allow them to get some energy out before heading back home and cooking up your fresh veggies! 

We have lots more on what you’ll find at Doko Meadows Park in our review!

Blythewood Farmers Market

Lake Carolina Farmers Market

Address: 300 Long Pointe Ln., Columbia, SC 29229
When: Thursdays from 3 pm to 7 pm beginning in April and ending in October

The Lake Carolina Farmers Market is a smaller-scale market found within the popular Lake Carolina neighborhood in northeast Columbia. Although it is located within a neighborhood, the farmers market is open to the public. 

This can be a great place to go for a quick stop if you’re in need of fresh vegetables, fruits, sweets, or handcrafted items such as wreaths, soaps, jewelry and more! Along with the vendors, each week you will also be able to listen to live music.

There are almost always fun activities for children to engage in as well – sprinklers to run in, dressed-up characters, a petting zoo, animal balloon makers, etc. 

Lake Carolina Farmers Market

South Carolina State Farmers Market

Address: 3483 Charleston Highway, West Columbia, SC 29172
When: Open 7 days a week, but vendor hours will vary 

The SC State Farmers Market is massive and has several different buildings and amenities within it. There are specific areas for wholesale vendors, agricultural goods, and a farmer’s shed for farmers to rent spaces in order to sell their goods. Also found at the market is a retail building with a restaurant, bakery, and general store within. 

You can find just about anything at the state farmers market. They’ve got fresh seafood at the “Seafood Cottage”, beautiful flowers and plants, local produce, and even artists and crafters. The recommended time to go in order to get the best produce is between April and October. 

A well-known and popular event held here is the “Midlands Plant and Flower Festival”. This is usually a weekend-long event where you can find HUNDREDS of different flowers and plants for the coming season.

Even if you don’t have an interest in taking any plants home, it is still a neat event to go to!

South Carolina State Farmers Market

What is your favorite thing about our local farmers’ markets?

11 Best Back-to-School Hacks Our Readers Swear By

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Make back-to-school time easy this year! Our readers are really smart, which is why we asked them about their very best back-to-school hacks.

Getting back into the swing of things for a new school year is no joke. It is hard. The early mornings, the bus schedule, the lunch packing, the homework, the extracurricular sports, the chalkboard first day or school photos. It can be overwhelming, which is why we turned to the most knowledgeable group of people we know to ask for tips: our readers. Here’s what they said.

Back to School Hacks from local moms

#1 Start the bedtime/wake-up time school schedule a couple of weeks before school starts

This was one of the top pieces of advice from our readers. Getting up early on day 1 is zero fun in and of itself. If your kid(s) has been doing it for at least a week or so, it’s a tad bit easier.

Consider planning a couple fun outings the week prior to school starting such as going out for donuts to make the earlier rising time an adventure.

Practice lunch by packing the lunch box and setting a timer for the amount of time that your child has for lunch at school.

#2 Pick out the clothes for school for the entire week.

Multiple readers said they help their kids to lay out clothes for the whole week on Sunday or tell their teens to do so themselves. One reader even had a brilliant idea to use hanging cubbies to put clothes for each day. And this is why we ask our readers these questions.

#3 Don’t buy a brand new “back to school” wardrobe

The National Retail Federation estimates that Americans with school-age kids are spending upwards of $867 per kid on back to school supplies and clothing. That number is enormous but can be cut back without going all out for a new wardrobe for your kids. There are tons of consignment shops and sales to make use of to help get your kids a new-to-them wardrobe.

Also, consider purchasing just a couple outfits at the beginning of the school year versus an entire new wardrobe. Your kids might change their mind on what they want to wear after seeing what other kids are wearing and the colder weather is just a couple months away.

#4 Meal prep

Many of our readers noted that prepping meals ahead of time for during the week is a lifesaver when getting back into the swing of things. One mom even prepares one big meal at the beginning of the week that can feed everyone for several nights and just switches up the sides to add variety.

Anything you can prepare the night before such as packing lunches will also make leaving the house on time in the morning much easier.

Setting up a breakfast station the week before with breakfast foods ready to go can also make the morning move smoother.

#5 Take the “first day of ____ grade” pictures the day before!

As yes, the First Day of __ Grade Back to School photos. You know, the ones where you’re desperately trying to get your kid to school but then remember you want to memorialize the occasion but need a chalkboard and pen and paper and nothing else that you have right then but are already late? Yeah, those. Do them the day before school starts. Reader Kerry says, “Just chill. The chalkboard thing doesn’t have to happen; neither does posting to social media. Let them dress for comfort instead of trying to dress to impress.” Another mom said she just has her kids hold up the number of fingers to correspond to the grade they are going into.

#6 Don’t schedule any appointments that first week of school

No doctor appointments. No dentist appointments. Nothing that will give you even more stress than you’re already handling. Schedule them for a few weeks out from the first day of school if you can.

#7 Use Alexa to help you remember things you/your kids need to do

One reader said she programs her Alexa device to set reminders about things her or her kids would likely forget like when the library book is due, what day of the week her kid(s) needs to wear gym shoes or a reminder to plug in the Chromebook.

#8 Plug in that Chromebook

Be sure to plug in the Chromebook on Sunday night because going to school with a dead laptop is no fun.

#9 Keep the social life to a minimum

One mom said she has found that restricting weekend plans for the first few weeks into the school years has helped her kids to get the relaxation they need and helps them to focus on the new school year.

#10 Use your calendar to keep up with events

One mom said she plugs all of the school events into your calendar on her phone before the school years so she knows what to expect and can plan for events.

#11 Keep all school-related things in one place

Mom Stacy has this amazing idea: “I have a back-to-school binder. It has the school calendar and sections for each child for their supply lists and forms teachers send home for platforms the kids use, passwords, usernames, etc and contact lists.

Anything important that’s sent home, especially those early weeks, goes straight in the binder. The supply list stays so I can touch base with the teacher through the year on possible extra needs or send in extras that are consumed quickly.”

What’s your back-to-school hack?

East school night dinners

And then there’s dinner.

Get some new ideas: School-Night Dinner Secrets from our readers

Partner with Upstate SC’s Top Family Website

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Kidding Around is my go-to source for all things kids and family. It is an invaluable resource and asset to the community!” ~ Kidding Around Greenville reader

If you’re interested in connecting with local families in the Upstate, showcasing your business, event, or service, you’ve come to the right place. Kidding Around Media is an established entity with a highly engaged audience and readership.

Winner of 2021 Best in the Upstate: Best Social Media Resource

Kidding Around Greenville stands out in the Upstate with its strong social media presence on both Facebook and Instagram. Our pages are known for their strong engagement, creative content, and thriving audiences.

What Sets Kidding Around Media Apart in the Upstate

Our Content Is Local, Comprehensive, and Unique

Our content is more than lists, reviews, and guides. All our writers are local parents. We write about what we love, what our kids love, and all the wonderful places to make memories together to last a lifetime. We are competitive, knowledgeable, and experienced and love nothing more than to show our readers all the cool things to do in town, write about the unique offerings of local businesses, and pass on our experiences to locals and visitors alike. 

Awesome site for comprehensive information about events, family friendly businesses, and things to do in Greenville.” ~Kidding Around Greenville Reader

Your Ads Directly Reach Parents that Live in Upstate SC

Stretching your dollars matter. And with Kidding Around Media, your ad budget will go further than anywhere else because you’ll be reaching your target customers and making meaningful and lasting connections with them. 

If this sounds like something up your alley, shoot us an email – We can customize any of our offerings and create a partner package that works for you and accomplishes the goals you’ve set. 

Is your business regional? We’d love to partner with you as well! We have done dozens of reviews of kid-friendly businesses, including hotels, attractions, and adventures, within driving distance in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida. See our Travel page for a sampling of places we like to visit and write about!

We Work with Over 100 Local Partners Every Year with a High Retention Rate

We’ve partnered with dozens of local businesses over the past eight years, including The Children’s Museum of the Upstate, South Carolina Children’s Theatre, YCMA of Greenville, and Christ Church Episcopal School.

Request Our Complete Media Kit

Part of the Minority Business Accelerator 2022 Cohort

Where to Buy School Uniforms That Fit Your Kid

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Searching for “school uniforms near me”? If you have a child attending a school that requires school uniforms, finding the best school uniforms can be frustrating and time-consuming. We’re always aiming to help you save time, so we’ve rounded up a list of places to find school uniforms, including a list of where to find school uniforms with specific features such as adjustable waists or uniforms for taller kids. 

We’re answering questions about school uniforms like:

  • Which school uniforms have adjustable waists?
  • Where can I buy sensory-friendly school uniforms?
  • What are the best school uniforms for tall kids?
  • What are the most comfortable school uniforms?
  • Where can I find school uniform deals?

Whether you need a black, blue, pink, or red shirt and navy or khaki bottoms, we’ve got you covered. Luckily, there are plenty of places in Greenville and Spartanburg where you can buy school uniforms. And, of course, you can always buy them online.

the best school uniforms

13 Fun & Unique Date Night Ideas in Columbia, SC

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Are you looking for something new and exciting to do with your significant other for date night? We have found so many great ways to spend the day, or even just a few hours, with your loved one right here in Columbia, SC! Whether you’re interested in art, theater, ax throwing, outdoorsy activities, or cooking classes, just to name a few, we’ve got you covered for your next date! Let the planning begin!

Unique date night ideas: Columbia, SC

Date Nights Are Important!

We get it, between your kid’s school, extracurricular activities, family get-togethers, and work, it’s so hard to plan a date night with just you and your spouse. Now is a great time to make your significant other feel like a priority.

It can be hard to come up with new and unique date ideas, but we are here to help! We hope you enjoy a little one-on-one time.

1. Take a Cooking Class 

Looking for something new to do for date night? One thing’s for sure, taking a cooking class together sounds super fun and unique!  Let’s Cook Culinary Studio offers so many great classes, one being a Friday night class specifically for couples. This class is offered twice a month and you will follow a recipe, and the guidance of a chef, to create your own delicious meal. You are even allowed to bring your own wine to complement your meal! 

These classes have limited availability and usually fill up quickly. If this is something you’re interested in, be sure to book your spot well in advance! 

2. Go Paddle Board!

It’s not as hard as it looks, really! And you rent paddleboards for just $25 at California Republic SUP on Lake Murray. Rentals are for two hours, which is just the right amount of time to enjoy the beautiful Lake Murray on the water. Then you can enjoy a picnic on the grassy lawn by the lake.

Paddleboard on Lake Murray: California Republic SUP

Try something new for your next date! Rent paddleboards on Lake Murray.

3. Make Pottery Together 

There are two great places in Columbia that offer pottery making and painting: HalfMoon Pottery and Mad Platter. Both of these businesses offer classes, walk-ins, and take reservations. You will be able to choose your art piece, design, and decorate, then return to pick up your project after it has been glazed and dried. Talk about a statement, or conversation piece for your home! 

4. Go Ax Throwing 

Not long ago, ax throwing was all the rave, and for good reason! If you haven’t had the chance to go I HIGHLY recommend giving it a try. Craft Axe Throwing is the only business in Columbia that offers this fun activity, but there are two locations: downtown Columbia and Lexington.

Axe-throwing target

My husband and I went for the first time about a year ago and it was so much fun figuring it out together, getting competitive with the games and scorekeeping, and of course, snacking on some delicious food and drinks! They are known to be quite busy on the weekends so it would be a good idea to book a lane online in advance! 

5. Get Artsy at a Paint & Sip Studio 

Put your art skills to the test at a “Paint & Sip” studio! Here are the two canvas painting studios we recommend for a date night: 

  • Painting With a Twist 
  • Studio Cellar – currently in the process of changing locations, but offering pop-up events and travel party services until the move is complete. Stay tuned for updated address and opening information! 

Both of these studios offer classes where an instructor will walk you through each step of painting a pre-chosen picture or freestyle painting where you can choose your own artwork, be given a set of instructions, and work at your own pace. You can even bring your own wine, beer, non-alcoholic beverages, and snacks to munch on as you paint! 

6. Test Your Skills at an Escape Room

If you’re looking to have a group date night with some of your other couple friends, an escape room might be just the place for you! The main idea is that you get 60-minutes to solve a mystery using clues all around you. It really puts your mind to the test and works on your communication and team-work skills.

Most of these escape rooms change out their mysteries frequently so you can always go back more than once. There are several fantastic escape rooms throughout Columbia, here are a few of our favorites: 

7. Enjoy Bowling 

There are several places to go bowling all throughout the Midlands, however The Grand on Main Street is like no other! At The Grand you will find a restaurant in the front of the building and bowling lanes in the back. Enjoy a delicious meal with your spouse then continue the night with a fun game of bowling! 

If you don’t want to have a full meal, you can order small plates and drinks while you bowl and they will be brought right to you. This is much smaller than a traditional bowling alley so the atmosphere is a lot more cozy and intimate.

Top Secret: Dessert Bar

Pssst! Not many people know about it, but there is also an underground cocktail and dessert bar called The Robinson Room found here. You and your spouse can continue your night by enjoying unique cocktails and desserts! 

8. See a Show at the Theaters 

Another great date night idea is to head to a local theater and enjoy a performance, musical, or movie. Columbia is home to many theaters that all have calendars FULL of monthly events: 

The Nickelodeon Theater has been in business for more than 40 years. It offers all the charm and coziness of an old-school movie theater with both matinee and evening showtimes. They usually show about 3 – 4 movies at a time which change as new movies are released. 

The Township Auditorium often hosts up-and-coming musical artists, bands, comedians, and more. Already on the list for this year are performers such as STYX, Kountry Wayne, and Jill Scott. 

Another great place to go to view performances is the Koger Center. You can often find ballets, musicals, orchestras, and more! On the 2023 schedule, you can find Annie, Hairspray, and Romeo and Juliet, just to name a few. 

Best movie theaters in Columbia, SC

Want to see a movie?

Here are your options:
Movie theaters in Columbia, SC

9. Go to a College Sporting Event 

Get out your University of South Carolina gear and cheer on the Gamecocks! While sporting events can double as a fun family activity, they can also be a fantastic date idea! No matter what time of year, there is always some kind of college sporting event happening in Columbia – baseball, basketball, soccer, and football, and more. You can check out the full sports schedule for USC

In the stadium at a Gamecocks Football game

Root for the home team at these Columbia, SC sports teams.

Root for more local home teams!
Baseball, football, basketball, and lots more!

10. Take a Tour of the Columbia Museum of Art 

Do you or your significant other love art? Touring the Columbia Museum of Art could be a fun date! They have rotating exhibits, guided tours, and monthly events that would be perfect for couples. 

Columbia Museum or Art is a great date night idea: Columbia, SC

11. Enjoy a Romantic Evening Outdoors 

Pack up a picnic basket, large blanket, pull out your tennis shoes, and take a romantic stroll with your loved one to see a beautiful Columbia sunset!

There are SO MANY fantastic places to walk and enjoy fresh air, but some of our date night favorites include Saluda Shoals, Columbia Canal & Riverfront Park, West Columbia Riverwalk, and the SC State House grounds. 

Be sure to check out our review of the Riverwalks

Saluda Shoals Park along the river

12. Get Destructive at the SC Riot Room  

Overall the romantic, mushy gushy date night ideas? Here’s one that is quite the opposite! At the SC Riot Room you will be able to smash, crash, and demolish as many things as your heart desires! Rooms can hold up to 6 people and reservations need to be made in advance. One important thing to note is that closed-toed shoes are REQUIRED!

13. Visit the Melton Observatory

This one is free! On Monday nights with clear skies, the Melton Observatory on the USC campus opens up to the public for free. Learn from the knowledgeable staff and get a chance to look through the observatory’s huge telescope.


Lula Drake Wine Parlour

BONUS idea! Check out Lula Drake Wine Parlour. It’s the perfect spot for some wine, small plates, and good conversation.

Bring along a favorite game or deck of cards, you won’t be rushed!

Lula Drake Wine Parlour in Columbia, SC

Hot out there?

Here are 5 places to go for frozen cocktails in Columbia, SC

Frozen cocktails, Columbia, SC

Where do you like to go for date night?

Best Places to Go Blueberry Picking: Columbia, SC

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It’s summer berry season, and if you love blueberry picking, Columbia, SC has a few patches and local farms that are perfect for upick blueberries. Need details? We’ve got you covered! Berry season is short, so get ready to fill up your basket at one of these local farms.

Where to go blueberry picking: Columbia, SC.

Things to Know Before You Go Blueberry Picking

First off, speaking from the experience of someone who picks blueberries in Columbia yearly, here are some tips to make your experience better for kids:

  1. You will need bug spray. These berries grow in the shade of bushes that can last decades, and in our experiences that moist, green area invites those itchy monsters. Whatever you use, you’ll want to use it well to make sure this experience isn’t just scratching and aloe-inducing.

2. Also, going early in the day really seems to help. This way you can beat the crowds and the heat!

Several of the usual patches will be closed for the 2023 Season

Now, blueberry picking is one of our favorite summer traditions, and so are blueberry dumplings- YUM! While Columbia, South Carolina is a capital city, it is also the center of a very agricultural state, so you usually have no trouble finding blueberry picking.

Typically, three farms close to Columbia provide blueberry picking. Unfortunately, both last year and this year unpredictable weather has forced most of them to close. 

For example, PK Blueberries, our family favorite, and Double A Farms, a very popular option, both remain closed or have made announcements that they do not have enough crop for this year.

But, if you’re still desperate to get your hands on those little berries, there are a few options still!

Fresh picked blueberries near Columbia, SC

Patches Open for Blueberry Picking: Columbia, SC

Berry Hill Farm

Berry Hill Farm is open now for blueberry picking! This farm has been around for 40 years and uses organic pesticides only. 

First, here are a few things to know before you go:

  • It is not walker friendly but there are lower fields they will try to help make wheelchair accessible. 
  • They are open from 7:30 am – 1:00 and 6:00 pm till dark, Monday – Saturday. Yes, they are closed in the afternoon, the hottest part of the day, and you will likely be glad. Also, they are closed on Sundays. 
  • Please note, the blueberries are $1.75 per lb and they only take cash or check, no cards. However, you will not need buckets; they have their own for you to use. 
  • You can call the farm ahead of time to make sure they are open, but do not call late at night or on Sunday.

Berry Hill Farm
219 Bluefield Road, Lexington, SC

Smith Blueberry Farm

Smith Blueberry Farm is a pesticide-free blueberry farm in Leesville, SC will open for upick on June 17, 2023, from 7 am to 10 am. They will have sporadic upick dates, so follow their Facebook to see which days they will have the patches open to the public.

Their general season hours are Monday – Saturday from 7 am to 11 am, and 5 pm to 8 pm. Sunday hours are 5 pm to 8 pm. Please call ahead to make sure the patch is open before heading there.

Smith Blueberry Farm
341 Holley Ferry Road, Leesville, SC

Southern Blues Blueberry Farm

If you cannot make it to Lexington, Southern Blues Blueberry Farm in Chapin also has blueberry picking near Columbia.

They are the same price as Berry Hill, $1.75 per pound. It is upick and honor system pay. They are open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 8 am- 4 pm according to their Facebook page. 

Southern Blues Blueberry Farm
216 East Boundary Street, Chapin, SC

Redmond Road Blueberries

Redmond Road Blueberries is a mom-and-pop operation in Lexington, SC. Remember, the season is short (end of June), but online posts look like people are filling up here this season.

They are also closed during the heat of the day and on Sundays. Their hours were listed as Monday and Tuesday, 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.; Wednesday through Saturday, 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. 

Redmond Road Blueberries
1126 Redmond Road, Lexington, SC

Eating fresh picked blueberries from farms near Columbia, SC

Drive a Little Further for Blueberry Picking

Oak Grove Farm of Gaston, SC

You can find upick blueberries in nearby Oak Grove Farm, but you’ll need to keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates about hours. You can also contact them directly by phone to see if they are open the day you want to go. You can also purchase prepicked blueberries, eggs, and the occasional pork for the bbq from them.

Oak Grove Farm
872 Old Sandy Run Road, Gaston, SC

Farms That Are a 1+ Hour Drive from Columbia, SC

Up for a longer drive? You’ll find options in North, SC (Orangeburg County) and a few in Aiken/North Augusta. These farms are all about one hour’s drive away, including Honalee Farm, Herbs N Berries, and Kiser Family Farm.

Did we miss anyone?  What is your favorite place to go blueberry picking near Columbia?

Looking for strawberry picking?

We have a list of places to upick juicy strawberries near Columbia, SC.

Strawberry picking: Columbia, SC

Where to pick blueberries and blackberries near Greenville, SC

Heading to Upstate, SC?

Check out our list of places to pick your own blueberries and blackberries near Greenville, SC!

Travel Guide to Charleston, SC: Things to Do, Where to Stay and Places to Eat

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Looking for a Charleston travel guide? Does your family love hitting the highway and heading south to this seaside town in South Carolina?

We’ve covered lots of different things to do and see in Charleston and you can find them all here in this Charleston Travel Guide. Everything from an itinerary for a long weekend without kids to a list of things to do that won’t break the bank. We’ve even included some things we plan to cover in the coming months.


Your Guide to the Best Consignment Stores: Columbia, SC

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Are you on the hunt for great consignment stores? Columbia, SC has a lot to offer! Whether you’re looking for children’s consignment stores, women’s consignment shops, great finds for men’s wear, or more, we’ve got the best places for you! For more deals, we’ve even thrown in a few fun thrift shops. Columbia, SC is loaded with cute shops that bring big savings.

These consignment stores and thrift shops are located throughout the Midlands. Keep your family’s closets stylish and in season for just a fraction of the cost and plan your trip to find deals and shop in Columbia, SC.

Find the best consignment stores: Columbia, SC

Benefits of Shopping Consignment 

There are so many benefits to shopping at consignment stores. One of my personal favorites, and probably the most popular, are the deals! Let’s face it, kids grow out of their clothes and are interested in new toys in what feels like every other week…at my house anyway. I have scored some awesome deals by going to consignment stores – clothing with tags still on them, name-brand items that I would have NEVER paid full-price for, perfect holiday outfits, toys still boxes, and so much more. 

Another thing to note is that almost all of these stores listed below are locally owned and operated! What a great way to give back to our community and support the local economy! 

More reasons to shop consignment: 

  • Eco-friendly 
  • Unique items
  • Always new inventory 
  • On-trend and seasonal items readily available 

Children’s Consignment Stores: Columbia, SC 

It’s A Deal Children’s Store 

About: This consignment shop carries gently used children’s items and necessities for new moms. Here you will find clothing, books, toys, shoes, strollers, toddler beds, and more!

Address: 814 U.S. 1 South, Lugoff 
It’s A Deal Children’s Store

Once Upon A Child

About: Once Upon A Child has just about everything that kids of all ages need. From nursery furniture to pre-teen clothes, shoes, books, and everything in between!

One thing to be aware of is that when you bring items in to sell, you can get a percentage off of any SAME-DAY purchases. I use this trick a lot and end up pretty even with what I earn in “sales” and items I decide to take home. Also, keep in mind that some locations also offer a military discount that can be used along with the sellers discount mentioned above! 

Addresses: 10136 Two Notch Road, Unit 107-A, Columbia
264 Harbison Boulevard, Columbia
Once Upon A Child

Children’s Pop-Up Consignment Sale in Columbia, SC 

Tot Trade Columbia 

About: Tot Trade is one of the biggest children’s consignment sales in the state and happens right here in Columbia twice a year – spring and fall!

The next 2023 event will be held September 13th – September 16th. You will find items for newborns all the way through teenagers at this great event.

Be sure to follow their Tot Trade Columbia Facebook page to stay updated on ticket sales, event details, and discounts! 

Address: 206 Jamil Road, Columbia 
Tot Trade Columbia 

The Top Women’s Consignment Stores in Columbia, SC 

2 G’s Clothing Company 

About: Similar to a consignment store, 2G’s Clothing carries close-out inventory items from catalogs and other manufacturers. Here you will find unique, high-end women’s clothes, shoes, and accessories at just a fraction of the cost. 

Address: 723 Saluda Avenue, Columbia
2 G’s Clothing Company

Revente Luxury Resale

About: Revente has been in business since 1992 and is a favorite for locals! They have been voted Columbia’s #1 Consignment Shop for several years in a row, all for good reason! Revente carries women’s boutique and designer items such as purses, shoes, clothes, accessories, and more. 

Address: 737 Saluda Avenue, Columbia
Revente Luxury Resale

Sid & Nancy 

About: Found in the popular area of Five Points, Sid & Nancy carries affordable clothing, jewelry, shoes, and more. In 2017, they were voted the Best Alternative Clothing Store by Free Time magazine. Be sure to give them a try! 

Address: 733 Saluda Avenue, Columbia 
Sid & Nancy

High Class Consignment

About: This is an upscale women’s consignment store with plenty of name-brand items at a great cost! Along with clothing, they also sell shoes, bags, and jewelry. 

Address: 5495 Sunset Boulevard, Lexington 
High Class Consignment

Consignment Stores in Columbia, SC With Maternity Clothes 

Magnolia Boutique and Resale

About: Looking for gently used clothes for your whole family? Be sure to give Magnolia Boutique and Resale a try! They also carry maternity clothes, candles, jewelry, and unique gifts. 

Address: 5140 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 2,  Lexington 
Magnolia Boutique and Resale 

Clothes Mentor 

About: Clothes Mentor sells gently used name-brand and designer fashion. Here you can find great shoes, accessories, and clothing from sizes 0 – 26. They even carry  a large selection of maternity items! 

Address: 275 Harbison Boulevard, Columbia
Clothes Mentor

Our Favorite Men’s Consignment Stores

Gentleman’s Closet 

About: The Gentleman’s Closet is a high-end men’s consignment store full of button-downs, polos, suits, bowties, and a whole lot more! 

Address: 717 Saluda Avenue, Columbia 
Gentleman’s Closet

The Best Consignment Stores in Columbia, SC – Shops for the Whole Family 

Roundabouts Consignment Inc.

About: Roundabouts has been one of the most popular consignment stores in Northeast Columbia since 2003. They’ve got a little bit of everything – furniture, adult shoes and clothing, children’s clothing, jewelry, home decor, and more! You can even browse some of their larger items online. There are so many treasures to be found here! 

Address: 70 Polo Road, Columbia
Roundabouts Consignment Inc.

Oliver Gospel Thrift Store

About: The Oliver Gospel Mission is a well-known organization throughout the Midlands that helps those experiencing homelessness, poverty, or addiction. The Thrift Store helps in these efforts and offers a large variety of items. Make a stop here to find furniture, men’s and women’s clothing, books, toys, cookware, coffee, and more! 

Address: 10012 Two Notch Road, Columbia
Oliver Gospel Thrift Store

Treasure’s Boutique Consignment 

About: Opened in 1992, Treasures Boutique Consignment offers items for the whole family. They offer tons of clothing items, shoes, accessories, and more! 

Address: 897 Augusta Street, West Columbia
Treasure’s Boutique Consignment

Let’s Make a Deal Thrift & Consignment 

About: There isn’t too much that you won’t find at Let’s Make a Deal. From furniture and home decor to jewelry and shoes, they’ve got it all! Let’s Make A Deal is a donation-based thrift store that gives earnings to help kids with limited resources get involved with sport and other impactful activities. 

Address: Located within the Columbiana Mall at 7201 Two Notch Road, Columbia 
Let’s Make A Deal Thrift & Consignment 

What is your favorite consignment store or thrift shop? 

Know of any great consignment stores we left off? Be sure to let us know in the comments. 

South Carolina’s Only Human Milk Bank Donates to Babies in Need

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Are you a parent that is in search of breast milk for your child? Or are you a mother who has more breast milk than you know what to do with? You’re in luck, because there is a resource available for breast milk donors and recipients! We’re here to share everything you could possibly want to know about human milk banks, from qualifications to safety concerns and where exactly you can donate!

Donate and receive breast milk: Mother's Milk Bank of SC

What is a Milk Bank?

According to The Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA) a “milk bank collects breast milk from mothers who have more than their babies need, then screens, pasteurizes, and tests it, and, finally, dispenses it to premature and fragile infants in need, either in hospitals or homes.” Milk banks can be either nonprofit or for-profit. 

What is the Human Milk Banking Association of North America?

The Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA) accredits nonprofit milk banks throughout the United States and Canada, and sets universal guidelines for donated pasteurized breast milk. There are currently 31 HMBANA members. Their mission is to aid mothers in donating their extra breast milk for use. HMBANA sets universal donation guidelines to all 31 members in order to ensure the safety of all breast milk donated to recipients. “Together, we advocate for donor milk as a universal standard of care, regardless of ability to pay,” says HMBANA. 

South Carolina Milk Bank

The Mother’s Milk Bank of SC (MMBSC), based at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) in Charleston, SC, is the state’s only human milk bank. MMBSC opened in 2015, and was developed by MUSC, South Carolina Neonatal Consortium, and South Carolina Birth Outcomes Initiative. It is one of HMBANA’s 31 nonprofit members. Their mission is to promote the health of South Carolina babies by providing access to safe, pasteurized donor human milk. 

The Mother’s Milk of South Carolina, provides a nonprofit service to South Carolina hospitals by providing donated breast milk to neonatal intensive care units (NICU) for premature babies as well as other babies in need. Babies are considered premature if they’re before 37 weeks of pregnancy. 

In addition to being premature, there are several other medical reasons that a doctor may prescribe donor milk to babies:

  • Failure to thrive on formula
  • Death or absence of mother
  • Failing immune systems
  • Insufficient lactation of mother or supplemental needs while a mother awaits her own breast milk supply during the first few weeks of the baby’s life
  • Adopted, foster, or surrogate babies whose families request breast milk
  • Illness or health risk from the biological mother preventing breastfeeding 

Lindsay Millonzi, MMBSC Milk Bank Program Manager says, “South Carolina breastfeeding mothers with surplus milk supply are invited to become donors to provide pasteurized milk to SC infants for whom mother’s milk supply is limited.”
According the American Academy of Pediatrics website, “Pasteurized human donor milk is recommended when a mother’s own milk is not available or sufficient. 

Anyone who’s interested in helping should go to Mother’s Milk of South Carolina website to complete their questionnaire. Once the information has been recorded, you are then able to select which service you’d like, choosing from donating, purchasing, volunteering or giving. 

There are three easy steps to becoming a donor:

  1. 10 to 15 minute phone screen
  2. Complete and return an informational packet (potential donor’s OBGYN must also complete the packet)
  3. Complete a free blood test at LabCorp

Not just anyone can be a donor, however. Due to safety and health concerns, Mother’s Milk follows strict HMBANA’s donor criteria guidelines.

You are ineligible to donate breast milk if any of the following apply to you:

  1. Smoke or use any tobacco products
  2. Use illegal drugs
  3. Drink more than two alcoholic drinks per day
  4. At risk for HIV 
  5. Have a positive blood test for HIV, HTLV, Hepatitis B or C, or Syphilis
  6. Received an organ or tissue transplant, or a blood transfusion in the last four months
  7. Were in the United Kingdom for more than three months between 1980 and 1996

Once approved after successfully completing the three-step screening, you are then able to donate your breast milk!

Breast Milk Safety

“All breast milk is expected to be stored in accordance with HMBANA guidelines,” says Millonzi.

These strict guidelines were developed with consultation with the Centers for Disease Control & Protection (CDC) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Breast milk can be frozen until it’s ready to be donated. All donors are expected to refrigerate or freeze milk within 30 minutes of pumping. Breast milk can be refrigerated for up to 96 hours. 

Can a mother donate milk as long as she’s producing milk? Yes, but there is a deadline. Milk must be pumped within the first year postpartum. Millonzi says, “We cannot accept milk donations that were pumped after your child’s first birthday.”

There’s no minimum or maximum threshold when it comes to how little or how much milk can be donated either. Millonzi says, “Every drop counts!”


Because it’s a nonprofit, Mother’s Milk cannot compensate donors monetarily. The organization does, however, provide breast milk storage bags free of charge.

Donation Deposit Sites: Breast Milk Bank Columbia, SC 

“Depot” sites were created statewide in order to make the donor milk drop-off more convenient for mothers to deposit milk. There are a total of 26 breast milk depot sites across the state. Chances are you have at least one in your area! See below to find a depot closest to you:

Prisma Health Baptist Hospital
1519 Marion Street
Columbia, SC 29201

Palmetto Health Baptist
Taylor & Marion Street
Columbia, SC 29220

Palmetto Richland
5 Richland Medical Park
Columbia, SC 29203

Prisma Health Richland Hospital
5 Richland Medical Park Drive
Columbia, SC 29203

Lexington County Cooperative Clemson Extension Service
605 West Main Street, Suite F
Lexington, SC 29072

Aiken County Cooperative Clemson Extension Service
1555 Richland Avenue East, Suite 500
Aiken, SC 29801

For more information please contact:

The Mother’s Milk of South Carolina 

15+ Hiking Trails for Your Family in Columbia, SC

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Are you thinking hiking in Columbia would be a great way to get outdoors with your It’s time to dust off the hiking boots, get out the bug spray, and maybe even find a hiking stick or two because we’ve got a fantastic list of the best hiking trails in and near Columbia, SC!

So, if you’re wondering “Where is all the hiking in Columbia, SC?” no matter your fitness level or how long of an adventure you’re willing to go on, we’ve got you covered! 

This article includes:
Paved Hiking Trails Near Columbia, SC
Natural Hiking Trails Near Columbia, SC
Parks With Hiking Trails Near Columbia, SC

Family Hiking Trails in Columbia, SC