The Premiere Guide to Private Schools in Columbia, SC

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Are you searching for a private school in Columbia, SC for your child? Columbia and the surrounding areas have a lot of options when it comes to private schools. You can sort the Kidding Around Guide to Private Schools in Columbia by grade level, location, and type of school. View schools that are religiously affiliated, or look for secular private schools. Just use the buttons in the orange boxes below to find private school listings that are right for your family!

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Kidding Around's guide to private schools in Columbia, South Carolina

You can use the orange buttons below, sorted by category, to find a private school that is a perfect fit for your family.

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You can scroll through the listings below to discover private schools for various age groups, private schools with a religious curriculum, or private schools with a secular curriculum. You can also use the orange buttons above to view these listings by category!

Heritage Christian Academy is more than just academics – we are a family who comes together in a variety of ways: chapel, a fall festival, welcome back to school parties, field trips, Grandparents’ Day, just to name a few.

Classical, Christian education teaches students how to think critically, write and speak persuasively, and apply their trained minds to reclaiming knowledge for Christ. Dorothy Sayers, an Oxford professor, outlined the classical model of learning in her 1947 speech, “The Lost Tools of Learning” encouraging educators to pursue this time-tested method. The classical model occurs in three stages of learning known as the trivium, which is Latin for “three roads.” The Trivium is the foundation of Classical Education and comprises three phases of learning. Phase 1- the Grammar Stage teaches young children knowledge, Phase 2 – the Logic Stage teaches teens
understanding and Phase 3 – the Rhetoric Stage teaches young adults wisdom.

Heritage Christian Academy currently offers educational programs for students in Pre-K through Class 8 that encompasses the first 2 phases of the Trivium, the Grammar Stage, and the Logic Stage. Our curriculum is carefully chosen and regularly reviewed to ensure we stay true to the classical, Christian model of education. At Heritage, our advanced curriculum sets the academic bar high, but when students are provided with a learning environment that is structured, challenging, and supportive, they can thrive and achieve at high levels.

Northside Christian Academy

803.520.5656 4347 Sunset Boulevard, Lexington, SC

Northside Christian Academy is a private school located in Lexington County.
The school offers a Christ-centered education for grades K -12.
In addition to academics, they offer athletics and arts programs.

They also have an Early Education Center for children ages 6 weeks old through kindergarten.

Timmerman School

803.782.2748 2219 Atascadero Drive , Columbia, SC

Timmerman School is an SCISA Accredited private school in Columbia, SC for grades K – 12.
They offer academics, athletics, and fine arts.

The high school program receives their education through Connections Academy with on-campus private teacher assistance.

Montessori Early Learning Center

803.772.2262 1101 Balsam Road, Columbia, SC

Montessori Early Learning Center is a private school with an education curriculum based on Montessori-style learning.
The facility has 6 primary, multi-aged classrooms. The facility has observation mirrors installed in every classroom door for parent use at any time without an appointment.

Hope Christian Academy

803-794-8996 416 Denham Avenue, West Columbia, SC

Hope Christian Academy is a private, nonprofit school for children with diagnosed learning disabilities.
Grades: 2nd – 12th
The academy offers functional and occupational education for the students.
The school is located on the campus of Grace Christian School in West Columbia.

Heathwood Hall Episcopal School

803.765.2309 3000 South Beltline Boulevard, Columbia, SC

Heathwood Hall Episcopal School offers education from ages 2 (nursery school) through 12th grade. The campus is situated on 122 acres of wooded wetlands and has incorporated natural “outdoor” education into its curriculum.

Ben Lippen School

803.807.4000 Multiple campuses, Columbia, SC

Ben Lippen Schools is a private, Christ-centered school for preschool -12th grade.
They have three campuses in the Columbia, SC area.

Monticello Road Campus: Pre-K3 through 12th Grade
7401 Monticello Road, Columbia

Northeast Campus: Pre-K4 through 1st Grade
3513 Hard Scrabble Road, Columbia

St. Andrews Road Campus: Pre-K3 through 4th Grade
500 St. Andrews Road, Columbia


Glenforest School

803.796.7622 1041 Harbor Drive, West Columbia, SC

Glenforest School is an independent, nonprofit day school for grades K – 12 located in West Columbia, SC. The school also offers several after-school extracurricular activities.
Financial aid and scholarships are available for prospective students.

Cardinal Newman School

803.782.2814 2945 Alpine Road, Columbia, SC

Cardinal Newman School is located in Columbia, SC, and is a diocesan Roman Catholic school for grades 7th – 12th grade. The school offers academics, athletics, arts, faith and service, and after-school programs.

St. John Neumann Catholic School

803.788.1367 721 Polo Road, Columbia, SC

St. John Neumann Catholic School offers a combination of traditional education courses with Catholic teachings.
Grades: Preschool – 6th grade
The school also offers extended care, advanced math, community service opportunities, and special interest courses.

Harmony School SC

803.787.1899 3737 Covenant Road , Columbia, SC

Harmony School is a private school offering pre-K – Elementary school education. Their blended curriculum is inspired by Waldorf, Montessori, and Inquiry-based learning.

The school also offers after-school care.


Sandhills School

803.695.1400 1500 Hallbrook Drive , Columbia, SC

Sandhills School is a secular private school that offers small student-to-teacher ratios and a large campus for students with diagnosed learning differences, such as dyslexia, ADHD, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia.
Grades: Elementary – High School
The school is one of only 18 Orton Gillingham schools accredited schools in the United States, offering assistance for children with dyslexia.

Edge Christian Academy

803.796.2860 3222 Platt Springs Road, West Columbia, SC

Edge Christian Academy offers K3 – 9th grade.  They offer a Christ-centered education, along with extracurricular activities. Edge Christian Academy is accredited by the South Carolina Independent School Association.

Sonlight Heritage Academy

803.574.1239 4949 Two Notch Road, Columbia, SC

Sonlight Heritage Academy offers a Christ-centered education through a whole-child approach for grades K – 12th grade.



Heritage Christian Academy

803.951.3901 649 Barr Road, Lexington, SC

Heritage Christian Academy is a private school located in Lexington County.
It offers a Christian-based education for grades K4 – 8th grade.

Cutler Jewish Day School

803-782-1831 5827 North Trenholm Road, Columbia, SC

Culter Jewish Day School traditional education and Jewish education for grades K-5th grade. They offer full day care, from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. The school is recognized as a Program for Infant and Toddler Care and as a Breast Feeding Friendly Child Care Center.

Hammond School

803.776.0295 854 Galway Lane, Columbia, SC

Hammond School is a secular private school that offers education for grades preK – 12th grade.
They offer after-school programs, athletics, and arts programs.

Grace Christian School

803.794.8996 416 Denham Avenue, West Columbia, SC

Grace Christian School offers traditional education with a Christ-centered approach. They offer academics, athletics, fine arts, and spiritual development programs.
They offer educational programs from PreK – 12th grade.
Grace Christian School also has an Early Learning Center for infants (6 weeks old) – 2 years old.

Covenant Classical Christian School

803.790.5100 6515 North Trenholm Road, Columbia, SC

Covenant Classical Christian School is a private, Christ-centered, classical school for grades K – 12. The education curriculum focuses on grammar, dialect, and rhetoric in addition to classical education standards.

Saint Joseph Catholic School

803.254.6736 3700 Devine Street, Columbia, SC

Saint Joseph Catholic School offers a traditional education with cutting-edge teaching techniques combined with Catholic teachings based on the Diocese of Charleston.
Grades: 4K- 6th grade
In addition, they offer enrichment courses such as art, music, physical education, guidance, technology, and Spanish


Jubilee Academy

803.787.3009 3390 Pine Belt Road, Columbia, SC

Jubilee Academy is a private Montessori, Christian-based school for infants through 5th grade. Their curriculum is year-round and utilizes a 4 program approach: Academic Program, Extended Day Program, Summer Program, and Parent Program.

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