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Did you know that you can rent stand up paddleboards at California Republic SUP on Lake Murray? Using a stand up paddleboard (SUP) is not as hard as it looks! It’s an awesome family adventure. You can rent boards for just $25 for 2 hours on beautiful Lake Murray. Plus with restrooms and a picnic area on site, you have everything you need for an awesome day out on the lake.

Our family started paddling last year and we’ve taken our boards all over South Carolina and even on road trips up to the coast of Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It’s a lot of fun! So when we saw local mom, Heather N. on Facebook sharing her paddleboard adventure on Lake Murray with California Republic SUP, we knew we had to share this very affordable opportunity with our readers. Thanks, Heather for talking to us and sharing your photo!

Rent paddleboards Lake Murray in Columbia, SC
Photo Credit Heather N.

What is a Paddle Board or SUP?

A paddle board and SUP are the same thing. SUP stands for “Stand Up Paddleboard.” The boards are hard, made of foam, fiberglass, or even wood. There are also inflatable stand up paddlebaords. Paddlers can sit, kneel or stand on their boards as they paddle.

At first standing up feels a little wobbly, but it really isn’t difficult. Want to stand up? My tip is do it quickly. You’d think you should try to stand up slowly. But in reality, that’s more time to lose your balance. Just move to your knees and then stand up. Find your balance once you’re standing, not as your standing.

Renting SUPs on Lake Murray

Where can you rent paddleboards on Lake Murray? California Republic SUP! Renting a paddleboard is a great way to try the sport and its also extremely convenient. You don’t have to transport the board or figure out where you’re putting the board in the water. You just show up and the boards are ready and waiting for you.

California Republic SUP rents boards for just $25 for 2 hours on the lake. You’ll find them at SouthShore Marina in Leesville, just a little over a half hour from downtown Columbia.

California Republic SUP: Mom Review

Local mom, Heather N. took her 8-year-old son paddleboarding with California Republic SUP and they had a fabulous time! She says owner “Steve is easy going and passionate about paddleboarding. He runs summer camps and is great with kids!”

And, if you have no idea what to do with this board thing, no worries! Heather says, “He will give a demo before you paddle out. The lake is so peaceful and it’s not as hard as you think it’s going to be. You can sit, kneel or stand.” 

I second this. Using an SUP is definitely not as hard as it looks.

Heather told us her 8 year-old was confident and able to paddle on his own without help. But, parents should know that the adult boards are big enough for a child to ride along instead of paddling their own board if that’s better for your family.

If you want to bring along your phone to capture some family memories, Steve sells a waterproof phone case so you can safely bring your phone along. I highly recommend these. We own one for our paddle board adventures. They are great because, in addition to being waterproof, they float. And, the front and back are clear and soft, so you can use the phone without removing it from the pack. Steve also has leashes for sunglasses available for sale.

Safety on the Lake

Life jackets are included in your rental AND they are required. The marina location means you do need to keep an eye out for boat traffic while you’re paddling. No matter where you paddle it’s always important to be alert and aware of your surroundings!

Things to Bring When You Paddleboard: California Republic SUP

  • Sunscreen/hat
  • A bottle of water
  • Towel
  • Snack or lunch to enjoy on the lawn by the marina
  • Some people prefer water shoes when they paddle. Personally, I only use them when it’s cold or when paddling in a saltwater or marshy area where crabs and the like may be present. You won’t need to worry about that in Lake Murray!

The details: How to rent paddleboards on Lake Murray

California Republic SUP sometimes offers open paddle hours on weekends, but due to changing demand, they may be moving towards a reservation-only style of operating. So, we definitely recommend reserving your paddleboards before you go! Reserve your boards by calling or texting Steve at 803.608.5033.

When you arrive, you’ll find plenty of parking on site. You’ll see a small sandy beach, where your boards will be waiting!

More from California Republic SUP

  • Ladies’ Night: Thursdays 6 to 8 pm (Make reservations as these sell out!)
  • Paddleboard Fitness
  • Yoga on paddleboards
  • Summer camps
  • California Republic SUP also sells paddleboards

Check it all out on the California Republic SUP Facebook page. You’ll find they post about their weekly event offerings regularly.

California Republic SUP
3072 US-378 Leesville, SC

Lake Murray Lexington, SC

We love Lake Murray!

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