Guignard Park: The Perfect Shady Place to Play, Splash, and Enjoy Nature

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Are you looking for a park with water access or maybe even a shady walking trail and playground? Guignard Park in Cayce, SC has it all – a paved walking trail, playground, natural stream for splashing and cooling off in the summer sun, artwork, great views of nature, and best part is…it’s ALL shaded! If you’re anything like me, you’ve driven past Guignard Park multiple times, but just never had the time to stop. Do yourself a favor and next time you’re near it, plan to check it out! 

Guignard Park in Cayce, SC

Go, Discover Guignard! 

Although Guignard Park is right off of the busy and well-known Blossom Street, the views, sounds, and overall feel of the park is pleasantly surprising and peaceful. With the running stream, wildlife, and hundreds of tall, shady trees it feels as if you’re miles outside of town. One fun thing to do while there is to look for the two carved-out wooden structures as they are so unique and neat to see – happy hunting! 

Wood sculpture at Guignard Park

Walk the Beautifully Shaded Trail at Guignard

If you’re looking to get in some exercise or even just take a leisurely stroll around with your littles, the shady trail at Guignard will be perfect for you! Three laps around the trail equal 1 mile. It’s shaded, has a beautiful and relaxing stream running through the middle, and lots of plants, flowers, and wildlife to enjoy. The path is smooth and wide enough to push a stroller on and has several benches and large picnic shelters for resting along the way. 

My toddler loved wandering along the path, collecting sticks, and looking out for wildlife. We pretended to be on a bear hunt and while we didn’t see any bears (insert disappointed toddler), we did see several butterflies, birds, and bugs. This brings me to my next point…DON’T forget your bug spray!  

You can also bring your furry friend(s) along for some exercise and fresh air as dogs are allowed in the park, but must remain on a leash! 

Shaded, paved Guignard park path

You Can Play in a Natural Stream at Guignard Park 

The stream at Guignard Park is awesome! There are several great entrance points that are flat and easy to spot, but I think the best play area is towards the parking lot and on the backside of the trail loop. Here, there is pretty much a straight shot from the trail to the water, a decent-sized area without many plants or overgrowth, and the water is about knee-deep for toddlers.

We allowed my son to get his toes wet, but wish we would have been better prepared with water shoes and maybe even some dry shorts for him to be able to go out a bit deeper. There were a few other toddlers and their families taking advantage of the refreshing water – truly such a great activity for a hot and humid Columbia day! The stream can be a bit rocky and unsteady in some areas so just be cautious of where little feet may step. 

Guignard Park stream

Playground at Guignard 

While the playground is small, it still gets the job done. There are several slides, monkey bar rings, and a climbing wall made of tires. Just behind the playground is a ping-pong table which I thought was neat, but you will have to bring your own ball and paddles if you plan on using this feature. I did note that there are no swings at Guignard and even though the playground has most of what kiddos need, it probably isn’t suitable for children under 3 or 4 years old. 

Looking for a playground more suited for younger kids? Be sure to check out our full list of more than 19 fantastic places to play!

Playground at Guignard Park

Other Things to do Nearby 

The park is in a fairly central area of town with tons of fun things to do all around. Both the Cayce Riverwalk and West Columbia Riverwalk are just a few blocks away and great places to continue your day of walking and exercise. Within a 10-minute drive is EdVenture Children’s Museum, SC State Museum, the University of South Carolina, and several great places to eat such as Zesto, Manny’s Shaved Ice, and Cafe Strudel

Guignard Park 

964 Axtell Drive
Cayce, SC 29033 
Open daily from 8 am – 8 pm 

Did you find the carved artwork at Guignard Park? What else did your family enjoy while there? 

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