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Have you been to Leo’s Landing at Saluda Shoals in Irmo, SC? Are you looking for a modern park that is more than just your typical swing and slide set-up? Whether you’re looking for a new go-to park or somewhere special to visit every once in a while, Leo’s Landing inclusive playground at Saluda Shoals Park is sure to be the perfect place to exceed all of your expectations! This playground features all-inclusive play equipment, covered picnic shelters, and several safety features that will make your outing a great one! 

Leo's Landing Playground in Columbia, SC at Saluda Shoals

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Leo’s Landing Park

Leo’s Landing is extremely inclusive to everyone regardless of ability, age, or walk of life. The park originally opened in 2019, but was updated in 2022. If you haven’t had the chance to go yet, let me be the first to tell you…GO! There is truly no lack of sensory integration or accessibility anywhere in the park! Your kids will beg you not to leave. 

Preparing for Your Visit to Leo’s Landing 

Leo’s Landing is one of the several amenities that can be found within Saluda Shoals Park. Entry into the Park is $5/vehicle with the option of a yearly membership for $60. This fee gives you access to not only Leo’s Landing, but all of Saluda Shoals so you will have all-day access to shady trails, a splash pad, the Saluda River, and more. 

Be sure to pack some snacks or lunch with you as there are several picnic tables and two large covered shelters found at Leo’s Landing. At the playground entrance, you will also find restrooms that are wheelchair accessible and very well-kept. 

The majority of the park is not shaded. It would be a good idea to bring sunscreen, extra water, and check to be sure the equipment isn’t too hot before letting your littles loose! I would also recommend going either early morning or later in the afternoon to beat the heat, especially in the summer. 

Zero-depth entry equipment at Leo's Landing

Inclusive Play Zones at Leo’s Landing in Saluda Shoals 

Three acres of fenced-in play space make up Leo’s Landing. Throughout the park, you will find several different play zones dedicated to various levels of physical activity and ages. While there, I couldn’t help but notice the several zero-depth entrance equipment spread all throughout the park with bench seating as well as wheelchair and standing room!    

Leo's Landing

Mogul Village 

Do you have a child that loves to climb? Head towards the back left of the park and let them climb their way over, around, and through several challenging obstacles. Here you will find bridges both large and small, man-made hills, tunnels, stepping stones, a balance beam, and a We-Go-Swing – an inclusive swing where ALL children can swing together. How AWESOME! 

Leo's Landing climbing playground

Zip Krooz 

Ziplines have become such a popular playground structure, but this one might be one of the best I’ve seen. It’s longer than most, fast, and includes both disc seats and recumbent seats to give everyone a chance to zoom! 

Ziplines at Leo's Landing

Connection Park

This part of the park offers a slower, more relaxed vibe and is one of my favorite areas. I love it because it’s so unique. Send the kids on a scavenger hunt around the large tree in the middle where they can find pretend insects and other wildlife.

Surrounding the tree you will find Hobbit Village, a hammock park with several ready-to-use hammocks, wooden swings, and an awesome reading area. Hobbit Village has the cutest pretend playhouse, allowing children of all age groups and skill levels to make-believe with one another and create their own little town of giggles and imagination.

At the reading area, you will find colorful Adirondack chairs and a Free Little Library. My kids enjoyed sitting here for storytime when they were ready for a break. The library was FULL of fantastic children’s books for all ages! 

Leo's Landing imagination play space

More Things To Do at Leo’s Landing

We’ve already discussed a lot, but there are even MORE opportunities for fun to be had at Leo’s Landing. Throughout the park you will find several misting stations and let me tell you, you will LOVE this feature on a hot, South Carolina summer day.

There are also several all-inclusive swings – bucket swings for the tots, high-back swings, regular swings, and a wheelchair platform swing!

Near the entrance of the park, you will find the Sound Garden. Here your kiddos can “march to the beat of their own drum”…literally! With chimes, drums, and xylophones, this area offers a unique play space for all.

There is also a large playscape complete with slides, more places to climb, and several sensory activities. 

Plan Your Visit to Leo’s Landing

4401 St Andrews Road 
Columbia, SC 29210 

Leo’s Landing is the perfect play space for families to let loose, make memories and enjoy their kiddos! Hope to see you there! 

Leo’s Landing FAQ:

How much does it cost to visit Leo’s Landing?

Leo’s Landing is part of Saluda Shoals Park. Admission is $5 per vehicle. An annual pass can be purchased for $55.

Who will enjoy Leo’s Landing?

Leo’s Landing is designed for children and families of all ages and abilities. The park features inclusive equipment and a layout designed to foster play and friendship.

When is Leo’s Landing open?

Leo’s Landing is open daily during Saluda Shoals Park’s regular hours, typically 7 am to sunset or 5:30 pm in the winter months. Leo’s Landing is also closed Wednesday mornings from 7 am to 10 am for maintenance.

Have you been to Leo’s Landing recently? What is your favorite area?

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