Splash in the Sprinklers at Elmwood Roy Lynch Park in Columbia, SC

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Are you looking for a fun place to cool off in Columbia, SC this summer? It’s time to pull out the sunscreen and water shoes and load up your herd for a trip to Elmwood Roy Lynch Park! Here you will find a splash pad, updated playground equipment, large zipline, and endless amounts of fun!  

Sign at Elmwood Roy Lynch Park

Elmwood Roy Lynch Park Quick Summary

  • Splash pad
  • Butterfly garden
  • Two imaginative playgrounds
  • Zip-line
  • Fenced park with only one entrance
  • No Restrooms

Quiet Playground Within the City of Columbia, SC 

The first thing I noticed about Elmwood Roy Lynch Park was the nature-themed play structures. Although you’re only one block off of Elmwood Avenue, the atmosphere of the play space feels as though you’re miles outside of the city.

There is a beautiful butterfly flower garden nestled in the back corner of the park which adds such a nice touch and a chance for some observation and play-involved learning. Isn’t it sweet to watch our kids learn through play?!

Butterfly garden at Elmwood Roy Lynch Park
Butterfly garden at Elmwood Roy Lynch Park

A Splash Pad in the City 

It’s also hard to not notice the checker-board style splash pad at the entrance of the park! The splash pad is operated by a push-button and lined with plenty of seating. In the cooler months, the splash pad can double as an open-ended play area great for scooters, small bicycles, or even an interesting game of human checkers (large group required)! 

Splash pad
Splash Pad at Elmwood Roy Lynch Park

Take a Ride on the Zipline at Elmwood Roy Lynch Park

Elmwood Roy Lynch Park features two main play areas. One is designed for children between the ages of 5 and 12 years old. In this space, you will find a 60-foot-long zipline and two jungle gyms connected with a climbing rope. There is also a unique climbing wall/cave structure with pretend fossils and insects hidden all around.  

Playground at Elmwood Roy Lynch Park in Columbia, SC
Playground at Elmwood Roy Lynch Park

Unique Space for Toddlers

The second play space is dedicated to the tots. This area holds some really unique features that you won’t usually find at a community playground. One of these is a built-in WATER TABLE! The bucket that holds the water even lifts out for easy cleaning. The second thing I think is worth mentioning is the ramp that runs along the top of the play structure. I highly recommend bringing some small matchbox cars or balls to get the full effect of this neat detail. But if not, the wood chips and a little bit of imagination work just fine…speaking from experience! 

Elmwood Roy Lynch Park

Extra Things to Note About Elmwood Roy Lynch Park

Elmwood Roy Lynch Park is completely fenced-in with only one main entrance and exit. However, there are NO RESTROOMS. Please keep that in mind when planning your trip! This park is also dog-friendly and has pet waste-bag stands within. 

Visit the Park 

900 Abbeville Street
Columbia, SC 29201

Have you played in the splash pad at Elmwood Roy Lynch Park yet? 

Kayla Simmons
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Kayla grew up right outside of Charleston, SC and is a proud graduate of the University of South Carolina. She has lived in Columbia for a combination of 5 years. Kayla has a background working with special needs children, but now enjoys nothing more than being a stay-at-home mom of two. She enjoys keeping her kids busy by finding unique play spaces and events, involving them in hands-on activities and watching them learn about the world through play. In her free time she enjoys reading, exercise and spending quality time with her family and friends.

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