You Can Feed and Hold Baby Animals at Two Girls and a Farm: Lexington, SC

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Have you ever heard of Two Girls and a Farm – Mobile Petting Zoo? Are you looking for a unique way to interact with adorable animals? Two Girls and a Farm in Lexington, SC will bring the farm right to you or you can go to them for a visit. More than just your average petting zoo, here you will be able to feed, pet, and even hold and snuggle a variety of different farm animals. They are available for events such as birthday parties, weddings, school celebrations, and community gatherings and it just so happens that we’ve got all the info! 

Thanks to Two Girls and a Farm for having us out to explore the farm!

Two Girls and  a Farm Mobile Petting Zoo in Lexington, SC

You’ve Got to Give Two Girls and a Farm a Try! 

Two Girls and a Farm – Mobile Petting Zoo is a woman-owned business based out of Lexington, SC. The owners love to share their animals with the community in a fun and unique way. They are most known for their mobile petting zoo and mini horse rides, however, what a lot of people don’t know is that they also offer meet and greets right at the farm! 

Animals at Two Girls and a Farm

At Two Girls and a Farm you can expect to see a variety of different animals! All of their animals are very friendly with humans, including the tiny tots. During our recent trip, some of my family’s favorite animals were the baby ducks and baby pig. Oh, and we can’t forget about Evelyn! She’s a baby goat who loves to strut around in her adorable outfits and tutus – the true star of the show! 

Some other animals you can expect to see are:

  • Goats
  • Mini horse 
  • Rabbits
  • Guinea pig
  • Bearded dragon
  • Hedgehog 
  • They hope to add an alpaca soon as well! 

Several of the animals walk around freely and enjoy wandering from family to family to get their next treat. For animals such as the ducks and rabbits, you will be allowed to join them in their enclosures to love on them and even hold them if you’d like! 

Mini horse at Two Girls and a Farm in Lexington, SC

Mobile Petting Zoo: Two Girls and a Farm

The mobile petting zoo is perfect for big events or celebrations! If you’ve got a birthday party coming up, Two Girls and a Farm could help make it a memorable one, for sure. Along with birthday parties, they also travel to school and daycare events, church functions, nursing homes, weddings, farmers markets, and more. Although they are based in Lexington, they travel all throughout the Midlands to help make your event an extra special one! 

Mobile Petting Zoo Packages for Private Events 

Two Girls and a Farm offers multiple packages for private events. Please keep in mind that if these packages do not fit within your budget or party needs, they also offer custom packages and will do their best to bring as much joy to your party as possible. Each of these packages, with the exception of the Deluxe, includes 1 hour of animal fun. More time can be added for an additional fee if needed. 

  • Mini Horse Rides
    • No petting zoo, only Jojo, the mini horse
    • Cost: $300
  • Mini Package
    • 2 goats, 1 pig, 2 rabbits 
    • Cost: $250
  • Small Package
    • 2 goats, 1 mini pig, 2 rabbits, 1 guinea pig, ducks 
    • Cost: $300
  • Medium Package
    • 2 goats, 1 mini pig, 2 rabbits, guinea pig, ducks, bearded dragon, hedgehog, mini cow
    • Cost: $350
  • Large Package
    • 2 goats, 1 mini pig, 2 rabbits, ducks, bearded dragon, mini cow, mini horse
    • Cost: $400
  • Deluxe Package – 2 hours
    • Everything in the large package PLUS the mini horse will be used for rides AND within the petting zoo
    • First hour will be for mini horse rides
      • Weight limit of 50 pounds
    • Second hour will be for petting zoo portion 
    • Cost: $500

Mobile Petting Zoo Packages for Schools, Churches, Nursing Homes, Etc. 

Two Girls and a Farm also offers two packages for events at schools, daycares, festivals, nursing homes, etc. 

  • Small Package
    • 2 goats, 1 mini pig, 2 rabbits, 1 guinea pig, ducks
    • Hedgehog and bearded dragon can be added if temperature is above 70 degrees
    • 1 hour 
    • Cost: $200
  • Medium Package
    • 2 goats, 1 mini pig, 2 rabbits, 1 guinea pig, ducks, mini cow
    • Hedgehog and bearded dragon can be added if temperature is above 70 degrees 
    • 1 hour 
    • Cost: $250

Meet & Greets at Two Girls and a Farm

On weekends when they aren’t booked for the Mobile Petting Zoo, Two Girls and a Farm opens up their large backyards for family meet and greets! This gives families a chance to see where the animals live, interact with them, and meet the awesome owners. Since these meet and greets are scheduled around the mobile petting zoo, the best way to stay informed on when the next one will be is by following Two Girls and a Farm on Facebook.  

How Much Do the Meet & Greets Cost? 

The meet and greets cost $20 for a family of four and this includes 1 bag of animal feed. If there are more than 4 people in your family, it will cost $5 for each additional member. Additionally, if 1 bag of animal food isn’t enough, you can purchase more for just $3. Please be aware that meet and greets are cash only! 

Ducks at Two Girls and a Farm in Lexington, SC

So Many Activities for Family Fun 

Trisha and Kelsey, the owners of Two Girls and a Farm, have done an excellent job at making sure there is plenty to do when you come for a visit. With a quaint, friendly atmosphere you will feel welcome as soon as you enter. Here are a few things my family enjoyed during our visit: 

  • Animals
    • All of the animals discussed above will be available for petting, holding, feeding, etc. 
    • My daughter (1 year-old) loved the ducks and my son (4 year-old) enjoyed the mini pig the best
  • Face Painting
    • Two Girls and a Farm often partners with Ladybugs Face Painting. She sets up near the entrance and this was a huge hit with several of the kiddos!
    • Face painting will cost an additional charge that is not included with admission
  • Swings and Trampoline
    • Tire swing, saucer swing, large trampoline are all included in the admission price 
Children with facepainting
Photo Credit: Ladybug’s Facepainting

Know Then Go! 

Here are a few helpful hints to consider before loading your family up for your petting zoo adventure: 

  1. Wear boots or closed-toed shoes that you don’t mind getting a little dirty
  2. Bring cash – like we stated above, meet and greets are CASH ONLY
  3. Talk to your kiddos about properly petting, feeding, and respecting the animals before arriving – feeding with a flat hand, being gentle when petting, approaching them slowly, etc. 
  4. P.S. – you’re probably going to fall in love with their animals and leave trying to convince your spouse you need cute ducks and a zebu cow for your own home…you’ve been warned!  

Two Girls and a Farm 
1018 Three Chop Run, Lexington 

What animal(s) did your family like the most at Two Girls and a Farm? 

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