10 Things to Do With Babies in Columbia, SC

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Running low on day-date ideas with your baby? If you’re looking for things to do with babies in Columbia, SC, you’ve come to the right place.

Finding activities to keep a baby entertained and stimulated throughout the day can be exhausting. It can sometimes feel like you’ve done everything there is to do! TWICE! You’ve played peek a boo and patty cake, made all the silly faces, and walked your neighborhood as many times as you can handle. Now you may be wondering, what’s left?!

Things to do with babies in Columbia, SC

Luckily for moms of babies under 1, Columbia has some activities to add to your list! Whether you want to get outside for some fresh air or find some indoor space for your baby to learn and play, we have some great options here for you.

In this article, we’ll discover spots around the city that are perfect for sweet newborns and all the babies who aren’t quite independent enough for the big kid stuff. We’ll talk about places like Riverwalk that offer great walking paths for strolling in the peace and quiet, and PlayMatters’ indoor sanctuary for babies to learn and play.

Take a look at the list of ideas and plan your next day date with your baby! Bonus points if they just take a nap and you get to enjoy a latte and a restful afternoon instead!

In fact, here’s our list of awesome coffee shops in Columbia, SC, to get you started!

Riverbanks Zoo

My family loves the zoo! I’ve been bringing my son since he was just a month old. The memberships they offer are so great for families and it allows you to visit any day you’re in need of fresh air!

If your baby isn’t old enough to appreciate the bigger animals, there are plenty of close-up exhibits that will catch their attention.

The sea lions are a great attraction for babies along with the penguins!

Riverbanks Zoo, sea lion exhibit

Riverbanks Zoo
500 Wildlife Parkway, Columbia

EdVenture Children’s Museum (My Backyard Area)

EdVenture really is such a staple attraction in Columbia for kids of all ages. You might think you’re baby under 1 isn’t quite ready for all they have to offer, but don’t worry! There’s a 3-and-under area called My Backyard that has space for crawling babies and tons of objects with textures for them to explore.

Another plus, my backyard area has a designated nursing area, family bathroom, and gated entrance. 

My Backyard exhibit at EdVenture

211 Gervais Street, Columbia

Check out the Kidding Around review of EdVenture in Columbia, SC.


This unique space in West Columbia offers “enchantment inside meticulously curated play realms”. Specifically made for babies and toddlers to be curious and use their imaginations.

Baby not walking yet? No problem!

The rooms include toys, books, and puppets to keep babies of all ages entertained.

Make sure to check out their web page for booking a visit!

PlayMatters SC 
3685 Leaphart Road, Suite A, West Columbia


I realized very early on that one of the best ways to entertain my son when he became restless was to go for a walk! When the weather is nice and we have a free hour or so, we don’t hesitate to make a trip to the Riverwalk in Cayce.

More times than not, a nap ensues within minutes of walking. It’s so important that we all get some fresh air though, even if he sleeps through it I know the trip was well worth it.

Learn more about Riverwalk in our Kidding Around article on the Three Rivers Greenway Trail.

Water access at West Columbia Riverwalk

Stroller-friendly parks in Columbia, SC

Looking for more places to go for a stroll?

Here’s a list of great stroller-friendly parks near Columbia!

Soda City Market (only on Saturdays)

Another great way to get outdoors and have your baby mesmerized by their surroundings is planning a visit to the Soda City Market on a beautiful Saturday morning. There is so much to see and hear and TASTE!

Your baby will be so captivated by all the people and furry friends as well as the numerous musicians that set up along the main street.

Don’t leave without grabbing a treat from a local vendor or food truck!

1300-1600 Main Street, Columbia

Kidding Around has a list of all the Farmers’ Markets in Columbia, SC. Check them out!

Saluda Shoals

Saluda Shoals has so much to offer for parents of little ones. From its beautiful nature paths along the Broad River, to its splash pad for the mobile babies, and even indoor areas to explore with the younger ages. There are memberships available but if you just want to make a quick trip, pay the parking fee and enjoy your day!

Located inside the park is also Columbia’s largest all-inclusive playground at Leo’s Landing. So whether you’re taking a calm walk with your baby, or letting your toddler run around on the soft turf, this place is sure to accommodate!

Leo's Landing imagination play space

Saluda Shoals Park
5605 Bush River Road, Columbia

Columbia Marionette

This gem has held a space in Columbia’s heart since 1988! The marionette theatre is a magical place to take small children for some entertainment that doesn’t include a screen. The theatre offers a schedule of rotating shows throughout the year.

Admission is $7 for ages 2 and up. My son at only 7 months sat through a performance and was truly captivated! The shows last roughly an hour and they have freshly popped popcorn ready for purchase. Check out this unique experience with your baby and watch their little minds light up!

Columbia Marionette Theater 
401 Laurel Street, Columbia

Richland County Library

Columbia has some really amazing library programs happening around the city. Richland County Library is a great place to start when looking for some baby-friendly activities. They offer free events daily for parents and babies to attend!

Children's area at Richland County Libraries

Some great options for babies under 1 include family storytime for both English and bilingual audiences, as well as a Hello Baby! course for growing your baby’s vocabulary and motor skills!

Visit the library events page for more information and to book your first visit!

There are multiple Richland County library locations.

Music Class

Tempo Music and Arts in Columbia, SC

Bring baby to an outdoor music and movement class with Tempo Music & Arts

Tempo Music and Arts
302 Senate Street Columbia, SC 29201

See Some Art: Columbia Museum of Art Stroller Tours

Babies up to age 2 can join parents and caregivers in a stroller tour at the Columbia Museum of Art. It’s free with regular admission or membership entrance.

Stroller tours happen about one Saturday a month at 10:30 am. Just keep on the youth and family events on the museum’s website.

1515 Main Street, Columbia

Looking for more fun things to do in Columbia?
We have a whole guide for families, grownups, big kids, and everyone!

Check out the biggest list of things to do in Columbia, SC. Its the start of some super fun days.

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