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Have you been thinking about a trip to Goat Daddy’s Farm? Want to have a family day trip out to the country where you can hand-feed and pet a variety of animals? At Goat Daddy’s Farm, not only will your family have the opportunity to do just that, but you will also gain great knowledge about animal care.

You’ll be able to discuss any questions you have with friendly and knowledgeable staff, and have the opportunity to purchase your own goat milk products made from the goats right at the farm. So, what are you waiting for? 

Feeding animals at Goat Daddy's Farm

Reasons to Love Goat Daddy’s Farm 

Goat Daddy’s Farm was founded in 2014 with a vision to provide humanely-raised dairy products to South Carolina residents. Since then, they have grown rapidly and in 2021 officially became recognized as an animal sanctuary. They have been a part of rescuing several animals, nurturing them back to health, and providing them with a safe environment. They work closely with veterinarians, DNR, and DHEC to ensure that not only their animals are healthy, but that their products are safe for consumption as well. 

Goat Daddy’s is open to the public every Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm. We would suggest setting aside at least 2 hours of your day in order to get the full Goat Daddy’s experience! This farm has done a fantastic job at making the most out of the space they have. There is so much to see and learn and even some opportunities for hands-on experiences! 

Arriving at Goat Daddy’s

The road leading into Goat Daddy’s Farm is a long, narrow dirt road, but don’t let that deter you from the fun! You will go a little over ½ a mile down the road and arrive straight into the farm’s parking area. Please be cautious of speed bumps along the way. Because it is a dirt road, speed bumps are a bit hard to see, but very much there! 

Planning for Your Great Day 

In order to best plan for your trip to Goat Daddy’s, it is important to note that the majority of the pathways here are dirt and gravel. That being said, we strongly recommend wearing tennis shoes or even boots! 

The farm flows really nicely making the need for a stroller or wagon relatively low. But, if you do think you’ll need one, a foldable wagon or a stroller that pushes really well and has bigger wheels is your best option.

My 3-year-old didn’t ask to get in our wagon once, however, we did have it with us for our 1-year-old. If you’ve got a younger kiddo, and the weather is nice, it would even be a good idea to wear them in a carrier in order to be hands-free! 

Tickets for the Farm 

You can purchase your entry tickets and animal feed at the gate upon arrival. Ticket prices are as follows:

  • 2 and under – free
  • 12 and under – $5
  • 13 and older – $10 

Each bowl-full of animal feed costs $5 and comes with both carrots and grain for the animals. Some animals are a bit particular in what they like, but you’ll learn quickly what they’re after – except the goats, they’ll eat it all and maybe even give a friendly nibble to your shirt while they’re at it (haha).  

Animals You’ll Meet at Goat Daddy’s 

Here are a few of my family’s favorite animals on the farm:


Not only are you able to feed the goats at the fence, but you can also go inside their pasture and hang-out with them! They were all so curious and loved the attention of everyone coming inside.

Also, at 10 am, on the first Saturday of every month, you can be involved in a goat milking demonstration. Staff members will tell you a little bit about goat life, the milking process, demonstrate how to milk a goat, and then anyone who is interested will be able to assist in goat milking!

All the kids loved this little event! 

Camel – “Abu”

It’s not every day that you get to see a camel, much less FEED one. Abu made his way to Goat Daddy’s after a traumatic birth where he was left with a broken front left leg. Now, all healed up, Abu is friendly, enjoys all the carrots you’re willing to give him, and will allow you to gently pet him. 

Camel at Goat Daddy's Farm

Horse – “Smokey” 

Smokey is over 30 years old, but you’d never guess it by looking at him! He loves both grain and carrots. Be sure to hold your hand flat when feeding him! 

Horses at Goat Daddy's Farm

Pot Belly Pigs 

My son loved throwing carrots over to these big guys (and gals)! I don’t know much about pigs, but I don’t think they have the best eyesight. We had fun throwing in the snacks and watching which piggy would sniff their way to it first. They don’t move very fast, but they’re fun to watch nonetheless! 

Pigs at Goat Daddy's Farm

Along with these animals you will also see a cow, chickens, a llama, tortoises, prairie dogs (inside the store), alpacas, donkeys, and more! If you have any questions about the animals on the farm, any of the staff members would be more than happy to answer them for you.

They are all very friendly, and knowledgeable, and you can tell they truly love not only their jobs, but also the animals they care for! It was so refreshing to see!  

Don’t Miss the Farm Store 

Before completing your visit don’t forget to make a stop in the farm store! Here, you will find a variety of goat cheeses, goat milk, fresh eggs, goat soap, and more, straight from the animals at the farm. The goat soap smells amazing and we couldn’t help but leave with a few bars of our own. 

The farm store is also open throughout the week, Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 6 pm. You can order their products online and they will have it ready for you with your name on it when you arrive.  

Soap at the farm store at Goat Daddy's Farm
Soap for sale at the farm store

Other Great Events at Goat Daddy’s Farm 

Calling all yoga enthusiasts! You’ve got to give goat yoga at this farm a try! This is an hour-long class where you will get to interact with baby goats, exercise, enjoy a mimosa after class, and even get a tour of the farm – talk about a fun day!

Do be aware, however, that it is called GOAT YOGA for a reason, as in, baby goats WILL come up to you and demand your attention…and I’m not sure baby goats know many manners. 

Another unique opportunity available at Goat Daddy’s is a soap-making class. Classes can be anywhere from 6 to 12 people and you will learn all the steps of making goat soap. At the end of the class each participant will be able to take home one bar of soap! 

Additional events we encourage you to check out are their seasonal events, homeschool days, and homesteading and animal care classes. Goat Daddy’s is even available for birthday parties and weddings – how memorable! 

You can also follow Goat Daddy’s Farm on Facebook to stay up-to-date with their events and announcements. 

Goat Daddy’s Farm 
144 Tomahawk Trail, Elgin, SC 29045


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