Crosswind Farm: A Farm Full of Fun Events Near Columbia, SC

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Looking for fun, educational, toddler-friendly farm events near Columbia? Crosswind Farm has lots of events, including special holiday events to homeschool days. They also offer traveling birthday party services and traveling petting zoos as well as birthday parties on location, animal photo shoots, and more.

We have experienced a few of their events, and the kids really enjoyed them. We also got photos from them, and they are some of our favorites. Here’s what you need to know if you’re interested in their many different services.

Crosswind Farms, Columbia, SC

Getting to Crosswind Farm

The drive to Crosswind Farm is about 1 hour from Columbia, and not a lot is on the way. The area is beautiful farmland and woods, though. Just before you get there, you’ll turn past an old church before your turn between two farms.

Careful, don’t miss the sign on the left in a wooded drive for Crosswind Farm at 799 Target Road, Holly Hill, SC 29059.

Crosswinds Family Farm

Family-Owned Farm

You’re going to be driving right up to this family-owned business’ family home. There’s plenty of parking. You’ll likely be greeted by a large, friendly dog or a barn cat. There are several of each that roam freely. A stray chicken or two is another common, fun sight.

Keep in mind, Crosswind Farm is a family business, and it is at their home so you will walk right past their home from parking to the animal pens and fields.

However, there is a food truck as well as a building containing restrooms, a huge shaded barn you can sit in, and plenty of hand sanitizer stations.

Inside the Farm

Once inside, you’ll pay at the barn for the event and whatever extras you want to add on. For us, toddler Tuesdays were just $5 and adults are free. Add-ons, like food for the animal or pony rides, were only a couple of dollars as well.

Plus, there are numerous animal pens to greet and pet and plenty to play with for free. To start, there is a swing set tree house and sandbox hidden under it. Plenty of little cars to drive, a couple of bouncy houses, and more.

Overall, it’s a laid-back place kids can alternate between toys and animals in a farm experience.

Petting a cow at Crosswind Farm.

When to Go to the Farm: Special Events

The farm is NOT open daily. The Crosswind Farm Facebook page is the place to go for an updated list of the farm’s upcoming events. Crosswind Farm hosts holiday events, homeschool learning days with themes such as bees, and Toddler Tuesdays monthly.

Book Crosswind Services:

Or, check out the Crosswind Farm website to book them for private tours, parties and visits. They are very affordable, and here are some of the services they offer.

  • private birthday parties
  • private tours
  • field trips
  • animals visits/birthday/petting zoo at your location
  • horse rides at your location
  • photography
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