Learn How to Help Kids Prepare School Readiness Skills With the Adventure Squad

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The Adventure Squad is here, highlighting each of The Palmetto Basics with tips and things to do you can use with your own family throughout the day! Learn how to:

  • Read and Discuss Stories
  • Explore Through Movement and Play
  • Talk, Sing and Point
  • Count, Group and Compare
  • Maximize Love, Minimize Stress

For more ways to incorporate these basics into your family’s day, visit The Basics Palmetto website.

Thanks to Palmetto Basics for sponsoring Kidding Around Greenville.

Read and Discuss Stories With the Adventure Squad

“The more we read with young children, the more prepared they become to enjoy reading and to do well in school. It is never too early to begin reading!”

The Adventure Squad Shows Us How to Explore Through Movement and Play

“Movement and play are good for children’s bodies—their coordination, strength, and overall health. They are also ways that children explore and learn about the world.”

The Adventure Squad Maximizes Love & Manages Stress!

“Infants thrive when their world seems loving, safe, and predictable. When you express love and respond to their needs, you teach them that they can count on you.” 

Talk, Sing and Point With the Adventure Squad

“As your child develops, talking with them and answering their questions is a way to teach them about the world. By talking with them, you will also get to know the fascinating person they are becoming!”

The Adventure Squad Shows Us How to Count, Group and Compare!

“You don’t need to be a math teacher to start preparing your child to be a problem solver. There are fun and simple activities that you can do now to build math and thinking skills.”

About the Author
Maria Bassett is a former school orchestra teacher, turned homeschool mom. She and her husband homeschool their 3 sons and 1 daughter, who range from 4th grade through 9th grade. Believing children learn best when they are engaged and having fun, this family loves to take their homeschool on the road, around Greenville and beyond.

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