Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve: a hidden falls hike in Lexington, SC

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Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve near Columbia has a hidden falls hike. It is not very well known or overly crowded. But, it is home to the midlands’ only naturally occurring waterfall. It’s about 20 feet high but not a ton of water. It is more impressive after rains, but don’t go too soon after unless you love mud.

Looking for an easy hike for little ones that has a water feature? The Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve trail is considered a baby trail with very little incline. However, it is not stroller or wheelchair friendly.

Hiking Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve with kids

About Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve, Lexington County

The Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve is 460 acres of land managed by South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and the SC Chapter of the Nature Conservancy. The preserve consists of sandstone formations and outcrops, pines, and wetlands.

You can find a bird list and plant list at the Nature Conservancy website.

Along the Trail: Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve

The walk from the preserve parking lot to the giant Peachtree Rock, an inverted pyramid, and the falls and creek is just about half a mile. The trail is mostly flat with a few spots that have a brief 30-degree uphill stretch. Also, the path is typically clear.

Peachtree Falls at Peachtree Falls Heritage Preserve

Remember, it will also be half mile walk back, but again, one of the easiest if you’re just starting.

Pets and playing along the path are very welcome as more experienced hikers aren’t often bursting past. Toddlers and young children love exploring the trail and touching the water.

Or, if you want to do the full loop, it is 7.5 miles, so there is something for everyone. Further along the path is the historic site for Peachtree Rock Moonshine Still and “little Peachtree Rock”. Plus, you can even spy some fossils, making it a decent homeschool field trip.

Note, there are NOT bathrooms and water fountains are not around, so come prepared. Please, use the BATHROOM before. Verizon customers typically receive decent cellular and data reception.

Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve flowers on the hike

Peachtree Hike: Things to Bring

For a fun, safe hike, you might want to bring:

  • a map image of the trail so you don’t end up on the long portion (blue trail, stay to the left)
  • charged cell phone for photos and emergencies
  • bug spray and maybe sunscreen unless you want a very fussy afternoon
  • water and a trail-friendly snack
  • good shoes, for hiking and snake protection
  • clothes that can get dirty
  • carrier for baby/toddler in case they get tired
  • bonus, a durable, cheap toy to explore with you or nature scavenger hunt, or the like to keep kids engaged

Happy hiking!

Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve
883 Peachtree Rock Road, Lexington

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