Owens Field Park in Columbia, SC is Full of Exciting Attractions

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Have you ever been to Owens Field Park in Columbia, SC? If not, let us be the first to tell you, you’ve got to give it a try! Owens Field Park features an all-inclusive playground, a huge skatepark, a unique bicycle course, disc golf, ball fields, and more. Whether you’re planning an all-day outing or just need to pass the time for a few hours, you and your children will have a blast! 

Columbia, SC: Owens Field Park

Owens Field Park is one of the most unique parks in all of Columbia, SC! Located directly across from the Jim Hamilton airport, this park is packed FULL of great things to do. You could spend as much or as little time here as you’d like. Bring a ball, a lunch, bicycles, or whatever your kiddos are interested in as there is PLENTY of room for just about any outdoor activity. 

Zip lines Owens Field Park

What is There To Do at Owens Field Park?

There is no shortage of family-friendly attractions at Owens Field Park! They’ve got an all-inclusive playground, skate park, pump track, ball fields, and more! 

Skate Park

There is a large skatepark at Owens Field that is full of some super cool equipment! You will find stairs, metal rails, ramps, and even a “pool bowl”. The skate park is free and available for skateboards, in-line skates, and bicycles. Pads and helmets are required!   

The skate park at Owens Field Park in Columbia, SC

Pump Track Course

You’ll DEFINITELY want to load up your children’s bikes before your trip! The pump track is arguably one of the coolest features at Owens Field. You can often find it full of kiddos of all ages, biking levels, as well as a variety of bikes – balance bikes, training wheels, traditional bikes, etc. One lap around the track is about 0.2 miles. It is full of neat obstacles such as rolling hills, bridges, and wood roller corners. 

Pump track and bikes at Owens Field Park


There is also an all-inclusive playground at Owens Field! Children of all ages and abilities will love it here. The playspace features 2 zip lines, a saucer swing, musical instruments, slides, climbing apparatisies, and more! It even has padded turf! At our recent visit, my kids loved relaxing on the saucer swing and my 4-year-old couldn’t get enough of the ziplines. 

Playground at Owens Field Park

Disc Golf Course

Do you know about the 18-hole disc golf course at Owens Field? The course is well-marked and winds all throughout a large portion of the woods next to the soccer fields. The walkways along the course are manicured and on a day when there aren’t many people playing disc golf, it also doubles as a fantastic and easy walking trail. Because of the tree roots, I wouldn’t recommend it for strollers or bicycles, however for a quick nature walk it’s perfect! 

On our recent trip, my son had a fun time leading our family on a “bear hunt” along the course. Much to his disappointment, we didn’t come across any bears, but we did see a lot of other neat creatures! 

Disc golf course at Owens Field Park

More to Love at Owens Field

It’s hard to believe, but there are several other fun attractions at Owens Field: 

  • 12 Soccer Fields
  • Several Baseball Fields 
  • Outdoor Track 
  • Miracle League Field 
  • Free Little Library 

Owens Field Park 
1401 Jim Hamilton Boulevard 

What is your family’s favorite attraction at Owens Field Park?

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