10+ Places Where You Can Buy Local Fresh Eggs: Columbia, SC

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Are you looking for fresh eggs around the Columbia, SC area? Nothing beats fresh eggs! They seem to cook better, taste better, and the bright orange yoke of pasture and free-range eggs is an excellent sign of the egg’s nutrient density. We have rounded up some of the best places to find eggs near Columbia, from farms to farmer’s markets. You will not have to travel too far to grab a carton or two for your grocery list. 

Markets and Farms to Buy Fresh Eggs Near Columbia, SC

Rosewood Market

2803 Rosewood Drive, Columbia, SC
Open Monday – Saturday 8 am – 8 pm; Sunday 10 am – 6 pm
This local natural foods store and deli offers farm fresh eggs from local suppliers, including Paradise Acres, Sylvan Farm, and Maypop farm.

Soda City Market

1300-1600 Main Street, Columbia, SC
Open Saturdays 9 am – 1 pm; Yearround Market

This year-round, producer-only market is huge, with everything from produce and fresh meat and free range local eggs, to vintage items and handmade goods. Eggs sell out fast at Soda City, so get there early enough to grab a dozen or so eggs if you need them.

Manchester Farms

8126 Garners Ferry Road, Columbia, SC
Order quail eggs online
Maybe you’re wanting to venture out of the regular old chicken egg and add local quail eggs? Manchester Farms boasts a great reputation for quality quail eggs that can be purchased through their website, and they are right here in Columbia, SC! You can purchase a 90-count of eggs for $30. 

14 Carrot Whole Foods

5300 Sunset Boulevard, Lexington, SC
Open Monday – Friday; 8 am – 7 pm
Open Saturday 10 am – 7 pm; Open Sunday 12 pm to 6 pm

14 Carrot Whole Foods is a health food store with everything you could need to fill your grocery cart with top-tier groceries, supplements, bulk items, organic meats and produce, and of course, eggs!

Bees and Trees Livestock and Crops

524 Portia Road, Blythwood, SC

You can purchase farm fresh, hormone-free, free-range eggs directly from Bees and Trees Livestock and Crops. Their eggs are 18 eggs for $7 or 12 eggs for $5! They will deliver eggs for an extra $1, or you can pick them up from the farm.

Doko Farm

2101 Cedar Creek Road, Blythewood, SC
Doko Farm specializes in heritage meats that are pasture-raised, but they also have some very high-quality eggs that can be purchased. You must preorder to pick them up from the Doko Farm Stand, and you can also find them at the Blythwood Farmers Market and the Owen’s Field Farmers Market on select dates throughout the year.

Utopia Farm

1108 Union Church Road, Leesville, SC
Call ahead @ 803.727.6947

If you are willing to travel a little, you can purchase free-range chicken and duck eggs directly from Utopia Farm in Leesville, SC. Just make sure you give them a call before you head over to make sure someone can assist you when you arrive. They also occasionally sell Angus grass-fed beef in addition to fresh seasonal produce throughout the year.

Terra Kotta Farms

2412 Lewie Road, Leesville, SC

Terra Kotta Farms is a practicing sustainable farm that offers free-range eggs, mostly from heritage breed hens. In addition, seasonal produce is available for each season. They also sell processed humanely raised chickens that are raised in an organic pasture. They also have goats!

Hidden Hills Farm

1860 Martin Smith Road, Leesville
Online Shop

Located in Leesville, just 30 minutes from Columbia, Hidden Hills Farm practices humane treatment of their animals. Their high-quality treatment of their chickens helps make their eggs healthier! You can order a dozen eggs online for $6 per dozen. They also offer an assortment of processed meats for sale.

Crazy Chic Heritage Farm

450 Kenal Road, Ridgeway, SC
This small farm offers humanely raised beef, pork, chicken, goat meat, and eggs! If you are wanting to start your own flock, you can also purchase backyard chicks and chickens.

B&P Farm Fresh Eggs

B&P Farm Fresh Eggs Facebook Group
Join this public Facebook group, you will be connected directly with local, farm fresh eggs in Kershaw County. $3 a dozen with local delivery available.

fresh produce and eggs

Farmers Markets Near Columbia, SC to Buy Fresh Eggs

There are some excellent farmer’s markets near Columbia, SC throughout the year! Some are year-round, and many are from spring to fall. You can find everything from fresh produce to homemade goods at these markets, but you will always find locally produced fresh eggs. Many of the eggs are supplied by the farms above and offer free-range eggs or pasture-raised eggs. Eggs sell out quickly at markets, so make sure you get to the market early if you are wanting to grab a dozen or two!

You can find more information about the farmer’s markets in the area when they are held, and some of the things they offer in our list of The Best Farmers Markets All Around Columbia, SC!  Our list is growing, and currently includes the Soda City Market, Clemson Sandhill Market, Blythewood Farmers Market, Lake Carolina Farmers Market, and the South Carolina State Farmers Market.

Where is your favorite place to pick up fresh, local eggs?

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