Heritage Christian Academy: A Community With Your Child’s Future in Mind

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Are you looking for a school for your child that has a strong community and values a Classical Christian education? Then Heritage Christian Academy is the perfect choice for your family! Learn more about what sets Heritage apart from other schools in the Columbia area, and how your child’s education will flourish thanks to the strong community they have created.

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Students at Heritage Christian Academy in Lexington, South Carolina

What Sets Heritage Christian Academy Apart?

Commitment to a Classical Christian Education 

Figuring out the type of education we want our children to have can be overwhelming, however, many of us know we want them to thrive in their educational environment. At Heritage Christian Academy, your child will do just that thanks to the framework of their curriculum. Heritage educates with a Classical Christian education model, merging a millennia-old learning process with Christian values. 

What is a Classical Christian Education 

For almost 30 years, Heritage Christian Academy has committed to raising critical thinkers with enthusiastic educators. Teachers who pride themselves in teaching through a Classical Christian education model intertwined with Christian values. The approach models The Trivium, which focuses on the three ways of learning: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. These learning stages naturally complement your child’s development. The academy teaches children PK-8th in the grammar and logic portions of The Trivium to prepare them for higher education and the real world. 

The Christian Biblical worldview is then interconnected in all of the fields of study through daily biblical readings and worship. Students learn the core subjects of grammar, writing, literature, math, art, history, classical music, and Latin in addition to a plethora of special interest subjects. 

Laurie Jimenez, the Director of Admissions and Records at Heritage Christian Academy, says “Every day we are here is to glorify God and thank Him for the opportunity to help children grow in His way and His Word, and that is the central focus. Everything else is just an additive.” The education your child will receive at Heritage will allow them the “ability to grow individually” while “gaining skills they don’t know that they need yet”. Throughout their education, each child will have valuable opportunities to “articulate in front of peers, think logically through problems, recognize truth, and have confidence” while learning and practicing from a young age.

Heritage Christian Academy students on an educational field trip.

A Supportive Learning Environment 

One key thing that sets Heritage Christian Academy apart is its supportive learning environment for all students. Class sizes are small, so teachers can engage with each student to ensure their academic success. Teachers also provide time after school for additional support, so no child gets left behind in their educational journey. 

Along with their core curriculum, students have the opportunity to engage in special interest programs, including chess club, Latin, tennis, Quiz Bowl, spelling bees, Math Bowl, educational field trips, and even a music festival where the children get to participate and showcase their interests. There is even an exciting talent show that the children can be a part of, which is a fun way for students and families to come together as a community while learning more about one another. 

Another fun way students receive support is through semester projects that help bring learning alive. Children in grades 1-5 have the opportunity to connect what they are learning in class with their chosen project. Through this hands-on learning approach and support from educators, children excel. The education at Heritage embraces a structured and challenging learning environment so that each child can grow as an individual with the support of their peers and educators. 

The Heritage Christian Academy Fun Run

Building a Strong Community 

An education at Heritage goes far beyond academics! Built into the mission of Heritage Christian Academy is a strong community between teachers, administrators, and parents. Teachers walk alongside the parents, because “God gave the ultimate story to the parents”. Here, parents can be a part of social committees, school lunches, and other activities with the school. 

Parental Involvement in Academics 

The small class sizes allow teachers to recognize a child struggling and allow them to connect with parents. In addition, parents are given guidance on how to help their children be successful at home. Community is vital to Heritage, guiding all students to excel academically and in life. 

Families and educators of Heritage Christian Academy on a field trip to Skytop Orchard in Western North Carolina

Learn More About Heritage Christian Academy

You can find more information about leadership, admission and tuition rates, academics, and athletics on the Heritage Christian Academy website. The academy welcomes families who show interest in attending, and school walk-throughs can be scheduled throughout the year. 

Heritage Christian Academy
649 Barr Road, Lexington, SC

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