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What’s a Chickenbutt Donut? If you are looking for a quick breakfast treat in the Columbia area, whether that’s a place to sit and enjoy the atmosphere or grab and go, we have the perfect place for you! Chickenbutt Donuts is the local donut destination that attracts both local residents and travelers alike, guaranteeing a fresh and fun experience with each visit!

Donuts from Chickenbutt Donuts in Chapin, SC

Welcome to Chickenbutt Donuts

Located in Chapin, South Carolina, Chickenbutt Donuts is truly a gem of the area. You know you’re in for a good time even before opening the front door when you see the sign posted Grumpy People Not Allowed, This Is A Happy Place Where Donuts Are Made. Upon entry, you will be joyfully greeted by owners Tre and Sue and their team who make the donut shopping experience unlike any other.

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The Chickenbutt Story

Tre and Sue worked for 25 years in the service industry before moving on to work at Amazon in West Columbia. After 6 years of working “real jobs” they realized that wasn’t the life for them and they began brainstorming what business venture to begin that wasn’t already saturated.

They eventually landed on making donuts, purchased a donut machine on eBay and taught themselves how to make them in their garage! They conducted about 6 months of “market research” taking 50 dozen donuts to employees at the very same Amazon Facility for free in exchange for their opinions and feedback.

They eventually opened a storefront and thus Chickenbutt Donuts was born. “How did they come up with that name though,” you may ask. Well, we were curious too, so we asked! Originally, the theme was set to be centered around Tiki Décor like palm trees and tiki masks.

One afternoon, while literally in the middle of designing some of the décor, their children came running in announcing they had an idea and yelling “Guess what!? Guess what!?” What was their idea?

Yes, that’s right, you guessed it!


Their kindergartener and first grader named their donut shop and it has been growing ever since.

Chickenbutt Donuts in Chapin, SC

Chickenbutt is all about fun

The same humor with which it was created is the same humor that greets you at the door with each and every visit. Tre, Sue and their team are a happy group of people who love what they do and you truly feel it while you’re there. The only thing that may be more fun than your visit is witnessing the smiles and laughter of those who receive the fun assortment of donuts.

Our Favorite Chickenbutt Donuts

Chickenbutt Donuts is a great stop before heading out for a day on Lake Murray, a quick breakfast on the run, or a fun stop for the kids. It is also a great place to take friends or family from out of town or sit and relax while enjoying some coffee.

Their donuts are uniquely all cake donuts and the vanilla base flavor is always available. The cake consistency is very light and airy, not what you may traditionally think a cake donut to be, a taste you truly have to experience to understand!

There are a variety of specialty flavors that rotate daily including Blueberry, Chocolate, Carrot Cake, Pumpkin Spice, and the locally legendary Apple Cider Cake Donut!

Every donut is made to order and you can quite literally create any combination imaginable from simple to fancy or beyond.

Some of the existing donuts you’ll already find on the menu are the Banana Cream, Blueberry Pancake with Walnuts, Cannoli, Dirt and Worms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Reese’s, S’mores, or my personal favorite, The Maple Bacon Donut!

The one you really need to see to believe is the signature Chickenbutt Donut which, oddly enough, perfectly resembles its name!

Chickenbutt Donuts: Maple bacon donuts

Picking your donuts

Building your dream donut can be a bit overwhelming your first time, especially with the endless variety of toppings and combinations so we recommend visiting the website ahead of time to peruse your options, especially if the kids are already hungry. Donut boxes are also available for pre-order on their user-friendly website.

The Chicken’s Choice Boxes provide a good variety if you’re in a hurry or indecisive and The Kids Party Box is sure to impress the littles!

You’ll love Chickenbutt, too!

Chickenbutt Donuts will be your kids’ most requested breakfast spot once they experience the endless options and fun creations like the Chickenbutt Donut and the Lake Murray Monster Donut.

They also serve both hot and iced coffee and have a wide variety of coffee flavorings. Their available blends are Loveland’s Chickenbutt Blend and Bart’s Crazy Good O.M.G. Blend, both are local and are available bagged to take home as well.

They offer seasonal donut boxes and kits for major holidays which include donuts, icing, and decorations. These make a great family activity or gift!

Be sure to follow them on Facebook as their page is always entertaining.

Chickenbutt Donuts
2130B Dutch Fork Road, Chapin

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