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Your Family Will Love Hollywood Park in Columbia, SC

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Have you ever been to Hollywood Park in Columbia, SC? If you’re looking for a playground that offers shade, has great play equipment, an open green space, and a picnic shelter where you can enjoy snacks or lunch we’ve got just the place for you! Hollywood Park has all of these things and more. We recently went there and think it is a wonderful place to enjoy some fresh air and playtime with your kiddos! 

Hollywood Park: Charming, Cozy, and Quiet 

Located on the edge of downtown Columbia, in the cozy Hollywood Rose Hill Neighborhood, you will find Hollywood Park. The park itself is such a charming hidden gem. You will be welcomed with raised flower beds that are maintained by the neighborhood residents and a beautiful walkway leading into the park. 

Hollywood Park is completely fenced-in, making it an ideal place to go with little kids or large groups. While there is no designated parking lot for this playground, there are plenty of on-street parallel spaces. Another thing I noted while visiting this quaint play area was that there are no restrooms. Be sure to plan accordingly! 

Hollywood Park playground

Awesome and Shaded Playground at Hollywood Park 

The playspace at Hollywood Park is a perfect size and has tons of fun climbing equipment! One thing I really liked is that the majority of the play area was covered by large shade sails. This made a huge difference in keeping the equipment cool. The playground is made up of sand so keep in mind that close-toed shoes are ideal! 

There are two main play structures at Hollywood Park. One is much larger and fit for older kiddos. It has an awesome climbing wall, archway for climbing, and even monkey bars. The playscape for younger children is equally as awesome with a fun tunnel to crawl through and slides perfect for their size! While there are some swings at this park, there are no bucket swings. 

Hollywood Park Has a Great Green Space 

Another thing to love about Hollywood Park is the awesome green space! It is the perfect size for so many activities and open play. Bring a large blanket and have a fun family picnic, some bubbles for your toddlers, balls, or even play a fun game of tag. My son and his friend had a great time kicking a soccer ball around! 

Hollywood Park entrance

Picnic Tables and Shelter 

At the main entrance, you will see a huge covered picnic shelter with lights and a few picnic tables underneath. We sat here to have our lunch and it was perfect! There are also several other picnic tables found on the outskirts of the green space. These tables are under the trees and are shaded, making it a great place to read books, enjoy some snacks, or a place for littles to take a rest. 

Hollywood Park shelter

More Things to do Nearby 

From Hollywood Park, you are about 5 minutes from the “Five Points” area of downtown Columbia. Here, you will find great clothing boutiques, coffee shops such as Drip, and several places to get sweet treats or delicious meals. We would recommend trying out Gourmet Shop, Hometeam BBQ, Pawley’s Front Porch, or The Baked Bear if you’re looking for something sweet. 

Also within a 10-minute drive from Hollywood Park, you will find the University of South Carolina, SC State House, and The Vista area. The Vista is where you can find more shopping, restaurants, and coffee shops. You could even pack up a wagon or stroller and take a walk around the beautiful and well-established neighborhood streets all around. Whatever you decide, we hope your family has a great time exploring! 

Hollywood Park 
216 S Gregg St. 
Columbia, SC 29205

Have you taken your family to play at Hollywood Park? What did you like about this playground? 

Enjoy the Rivers of Columbia on Three Rivers Greenway Trail: West Columbia Riverwalk, Cayce Riverwalk, Saluda Riverwalk

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Are you looking for a great way to enjoy the beautiful rivers at a riverwalk? Columbia, SC has several riverwalk options on the Three Rivers Greenway Trail and the Saluda Riverwalk? No matter what time of year, the riverwalks within the Three Rivers Greenway Trail provide a fantastic place to exercise, take a leisurely stroll with your family, enjoy a picnic, fish, learn how to bike ride, and so much more. Below we’ve got all you need to know about the West Columbia Riverwalk, Cayce Riverwalk, and newly developed Saluda Riverwalk! 

Paved path at West Columbia Riverwalk

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Guignard Park: The Perfect Shady Place to Play, Splash, and Enjoy Nature

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Are you looking for a park with water access or maybe even a shady walking trail and playground? Guignard Park in Cayce, SC has it all – a paved walking trail, playground, natural stream for splashing and cooling off in the summer sun, artwork, great views of nature, and best part is…it’s ALL shaded! If you’re anything like me, you’ve driven past Guignard Park multiple times, but just never had the time to stop. Do yourself a favor and next time you’re near it, plan to check it out! 

Guignard Park in Cayce, SC

Go, Discover Guignard! 

Although Guignard Park is right off of the busy and well-known Blossom Street, the views, sounds, and overall feel of the park is pleasantly surprising and peaceful. With the running stream, wildlife, and hundreds of tall, shady trees it feels as if you’re miles outside of town. One fun thing to do while there is to look for the two carved-out wooden structures as they are so unique and neat to see – happy hunting! 

Wood sculpture at Guignard Park

Walk the Beautifully Shaded Trail at Guignard

If you’re looking to get in some exercise or even just take a leisurely stroll around with your littles, the shady trail at Guignard will be perfect for you! Three laps around the trail equal 1 mile. It’s shaded, has a beautiful and relaxing stream running through the middle, and lots of plants, flowers, and wildlife to enjoy. The path is smooth and wide enough to push a stroller on and has several benches and large picnic shelters for resting along the way. 

My toddler loved wandering along the path, collecting sticks, and looking out for wildlife. We pretended to be on a bear hunt and while we didn’t see any bears (insert disappointed toddler), we did see several butterflies, birds, and bugs. This brings me to my next point…DON’T forget your bug spray!  

You can also bring your furry friend(s) along for some exercise and fresh air as dogs are allowed in the park, but must remain on a leash! 

Shaded, paved Guignard park path

You Can Play in a Natural Stream at Guignard Park 

The stream at Guignard Park is awesome! There are several great entrance points that are flat and easy to spot, but I think the best play area is towards the parking lot and on the backside of the trail loop. Here, there is pretty much a straight shot from the trail to the water, a decent-sized area without many plants or overgrowth, and the water is about knee-deep for toddlers.

We allowed my son to get his toes wet, but wish we would have been better prepared with water shoes and maybe even some dry shorts for him to be able to go out a bit deeper. There were a few other toddlers and their families taking advantage of the refreshing water – truly such a great activity for a hot and humid Columbia day! The stream can be a bit rocky and unsteady in some areas so just be cautious of where little feet may step. 

Guignard Park stream

Playground at Guignard 

While the playground is small, it still gets the job done. There are several slides, monkey bar rings, and a climbing wall made of tires. Just behind the playground is a ping-pong table which I thought was neat, but you will have to bring your own ball and paddles if you plan on using this feature. I did note that there are no swings at Guignard and even though the playground has most of what kiddos need, it probably isn’t suitable for children under 3 or 4 years old. 

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Playground at Guignard Park

Other Things to do Nearby 

The park is in a fairly central area of town with tons of fun things to do all around. Both the Cayce Riverwalk and West Columbia Riverwalk are just a few blocks away and great places to continue your day of walking and exercise. Within a 10-minute drive is EdVenture Children’s Museum, SC State Museum, the University of South Carolina, and several great places to eat such as Zesto, Manny’s Shaved Ice, and Cafe Strudel

Guignard Park 

964 Axtell Drive
Cayce, SC 29033 
Open daily from 8 am – 8 pm 

Did you find the carved artwork at Guignard Park? What else did your family enjoy while there? 

Exploring Stroller-Friendly Parks in Columbia, SC

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It can be hard finding enjoyable outings for the whole family. Especially if you require stroller accessibility! Luckily, Columbia has a plethora of parks to explore that can accommodate kids of all ages, even the ones that still require some wheels. No matter what side of town you’re on, our little city provides some delightful ways to escape the bustling urban environment. Have a new adventure by taking a stroll(er) in one of our many beautiful stroller-friendly parks in Columbia, SC.

In this article, we will list some of our favorite Columbia parks to visit with strollers. All of these parks include stroller-friendly pathways that are fun and safe for families. From the open aired roaming Finley Park to the shaded meander through Maxcy Gregg, you’re sure to find one that provides you with an outdoor excursion that doesn’t require any off-roading in the baby mobile.

Stroller-friendly parks in Columbia, SC

Finlay Park is Stroller-Friendly

This park has had many lives in Columbia, SC. It has been nested between the streets of Assembly, Taylor, Gadsden, and Laurel since before the Civil War! The 18-acre area has so much to offer.

Two playgrounds, stroller-friendly paths, open field areas, and covered swings on an upper level. You may even capture an event or festival taking place in the amphitheater at the entrance. My family grew up visiting this park, playing on the now handicap-accessible playground, and running through the waterfall. Pack for a long afternoon of playing, exploring, and maybe even a picnic!

Finlay Park
930 Laurel Street, Columbia

Riverfront park, stroller-friendly in Columbia, SC
At Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park: Bring the strollers

One of the most popular parks in Columbia has to be the Riverfront Canal. It is completely paved and stroller friendly from the parking lot all the way to the river’s end. Which is a total of 4 miles, one way. There are so many great stops along the way to get a great view of the Broad River while resting on a bench or standing at the overlooks. You can see tons of wildlife on this walk which makes it so fun for the kids.

This park does stay busy so be mindful to always walk on the right side and stay aware of runners and bikes. A friendly reminder that there are public restrooms at the beginning and end of this trail only! One thing we really love about RiverFront is the open grass area nestled next to the river. If you’re lucky, find a couple of Adirondack chairs facing the water and let the kids run free while you relax!

Riverfront Park
South Riverfront Park Address: 312 Laurel Street, Columbia
North Riverfront Park Address: 4210 River Drive, Columbia

Walking and biking at West Columbia Riverwalk

Riverwalk is Great for Strollers

Okay, let me acknowledge the confusion first. Yes, there is a difference between River “Front” and River “Walk”. Although these parks are not too far apart, they offer very different experiences, and you don’t want to miss out on either!

Riverwalk in Cayce is a beautiful 8-mile trail alongside the Congaree River. This trail actually connects to several smaller trails throughout Columbia. The area is well-mapped with posts along the way so don’t worry about getting lost.

One of the biggest differences I take into consideration when deciding between these trails is the shade. Riverwalk offers a much shadier walk which can be really necessary for our hot and humid summers! The park still borders the river so feel free to dip your toes in while you’re out!

Riverwalk, shaded trail in Columbia, SC

Besides the shady trees, there are numerous shelters, benches, and lookouts along the way to take a break. At the head of the trail sits an amphitheater where you might catch a Friday night concert in the cooler months.

Access the main entrance at the intersection of Axtell Drive and Naples Avenue

Three Rivers Greenway trails in Columbia, SC

Cayce Riverwalk is part of the Three Rivers Greenway Trail. Find out all about it in our mom review of Three Rivers Greenway Trail.

Maxcy Gregg offers a little garden stroll

This is one of our smaller parks and is not meant for a day-long hike or outing. Rather, its a good spot for a cute little picnic and stroll. It is located in the heart of our downtown, right outside of Five Points and inside the University of South Carolina campus. Maxcy Gregg offers a little garden side stroll, lovely shaded pathways, and art installations in its .3-mile walk.

If you’re already downtown don’t hesitate to grab a coffee from one of the local spots and take the kiddos for a little fresh air in this adorable park. It’s a wonderful area to visit in the fall when the leaves have fallen and you’ll find many a student studying away under one of the beautiful trees in the park.

Maxcy Gregg Park
Near the intersection of Blossom Street and Pickens Street in Columbia

Saluda Shoals

If you’re looking for a park with LOTS to offer Saluda Shoals is the park for you. This park does require a $5 parking fee but you can easily spend an entire day out with the family. From walking trails to river tubing, to splash pads and Leo’s Landing (an inclusive playground the kids will LOVE) what else could you need?

Saluda Shoals Park along the river

The trails are well paved for strollers for most of the pathways, even the not paved trails still offer a smooth ride. There are activities and events throughout the year and this park makes an excellent option for birthday parties or showers as well. The information for renting out shelters (or even a train ride through the park!) can be found on their website.

Saluda Shoals with babies in Columbia, SC
Things to do at Saluda Shoals in Columbia, SC

Also, don’t miss our Kidding Around Review of Saluda Shoals for all the details on the park, trails, and great playground.

Saluda Shoals
5605 Bush River Road, Columbia

Page Ellington

This is one of Columbia’s newer additions in the up-and-coming Bull Street district. With 20 acres of open public park, Page Ellington features a beautiful paved walking path around a small water habitat and a dog park.

While this area is still undergoing a lot of changes, we are really loving this new family-friendly area right next to Segra Stadium. The dog park is free as well as the parking surrounding the park. After a little stroll, you can easily walk down to a couple of restaurants for a meal, like Publico which offers indoor and outdoor seating.

Page Ellington Park
2220 Gregg Street, Columbia

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Your Family Will Love the All-Inclusive Playground at Leo’s Landing in Irmo, SC

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Have you been to Leo’s Landing at Saluda Shoals in Irmo, SC? Are you looking for a modern park that is more than just your typical swing and slide set-up? Whether you’re looking for a new go-to park or somewhere special to visit every once in a while, Leo’s Landing inclusive playground at Saluda Shoals park is sure to be the perfect place to exceed all of your expectations! This playground features all-inclusive play equipment, covered picnic shelters, and several safety features that will make your outing a great one! 

Leo's Landing Playground in Columbia, SC at Saluda Shoals

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Emily Douglas Park: The Perfect Cozy Playground and Splash Pad in the Heart of Columbia, SC

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Have you ever been to Emily Douglas Park? Are you looking for a laid-back playground with a space to cool off in downtown Columbia, SC? We’ve got the perfect place for you and wow, is it nostalgic in all the best ways! Complete with a sprinkler, separate play spaces, large green space, dog park, and community center, your family will love this simple, fun-filled neighborhood park! 

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Doko Meadows Park: Updated Playground is OPEN in Blythewood, SC

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Have you ever been to Doko Meadows Park in Blythewood, SC? Is your family in need of a park that has a variety of options for fun? With plenty of space to exercise, play, enjoy nature and wildlife or even attend an event or two, Doko Meadows Park has it all! We know Doko Meadows will be a place your family will keep coming back to – keep reading to find out why! 

So Much to Enjoy at Doko Park

Doko Meadows Park is a large 22-acre multipurpose park found in the heart of downtown Blythewood. Complete with clean restrooms, a fenced-in playground, walking trails, a fishing dock, an event space, an amphitheater, and a huge open field. Doko Meadows is the perfect place for families to go to have fun, make memories and spend as much or as little time as they need. 

Playground is open at Doko Meadows Park

Splash in the Sprinklers at Elmwood Roy Lynch Park in Columbia, SC

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Are you looking for a fun place to cool off in Columbia, SC this summer? It’s time to pull out the sunscreen and water shoes and load up your herd for a trip to Elmwood Roy Lynch Park! Here you will find a splash pad, updated playground equipment, large zipline, and endless amounts of fun!  

Sign at Elmwood Roy Lynch Park

Elmwood Roy Lynch Park Quick Summary

  • Splash pad
  • Butterfly garden
  • Two imaginative playgrounds
  • Zip-line
  • Fenced park with only one entrance
  • No Restrooms

Aiken State Park: An Outdoor Paradise for Camping, Hiking, and Water Activities

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Are you seeking an idyllic destination to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of South Carolina? Look no further than Aiken State Park! Nestled along the South Fork of the Edisto River, this picturesque park offers a serene getaway for anyone seeking an outdoor retreat.

This park, with historical roots tied to the Civilian Conservation Corps, is a haven for camping, hiking, fishing, and water activities. With both rustic and modern campsites, Aiken State Park is the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable adventure.

Things to Do at Aiken State Park

Camping at Aiken State Park

Aiken State Park boasts 25 campsites, providing visitors with a comfortable and scenic place to spend the night. Whether you prefer tent camping or RV camping, the park has sites that will accommodate your stay & preference. Aiken State Park offers electrical hookups at campsites for added convenience. 

Immerse yourself in the peaceful ambiance of the park, surrounded by towering hardwood forests and spring-fed lakes. Set up your campsite, sit around a crackling fire, and relish the sounds of nature as you unwind under the starry night sky.

Picnic space at Aiken State Park

Hiking Trails

For those who crave adventure and exploration, Aiken State Park offers a network of hiking trails that consist of the nature jungle trail and spurs, which wind through the natural landscape. These trails take you on a journey through dense forests, providing glimpses of the abundant wildlife that calls the park home.

There are places to rest on the trails and the park is full of picnic tables. Whether you are an avid hiker or simply enjoy a leisurely stroll, the trails at Aiken State Park cater to all skill levels and interests.

Kids at Aiken State Park

Bring the Kids: Aiken State Park

When we visited, one of the trails was slightly flooded, which can happen in this ecosystem. However, our 10-month-old absolutely loved exploring the water as we walked the trail. So, while encountering unforeseen circumstances is unavoidable while engaging with the natural world, being prepared and receptive to new experiences can pave the way for exciting opportunities.

Aiken State Park picnic green space with playground

In addition to hiking, kids will also enjoy a playground, a children’s pond, fishing, and more. In fact, Aiken State Park participates in the Fishing Tackle Loaner Program, which means you can borrow everything you need for a day of fishing right at the park.

Water Activities

The park is also a paradise for water enthusiasts, with its four lakes available for fishing and an access point to the Edisto River. Canoeing and kayaking are popular activities, allowing visitors to paddle along the 1.7-mile South Fork Edisto River Trail for canoes and kayaks. Canoes are available to rent and are conveniently located at the access point. The serene waters offer a tranquil setting for exploring and connecting with nature.

A Journey into History

Aiken State Park has a rich history that dates back to the Great Depression era. The park was developed by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), a New Deal program aimed at providing employment during the economic downturn.

The CCC played a vital role in creating recreational areas across the country, including Aiken State Park. Today, visitors can witness the enduring legacy of the CCC through the park’s well-preserved infrastructure and natural beauty.

Of particular historical significance is the African American Detachment, a group of African American CCC workers who built and developed this park. Their contributions are commemorated, and their stories are an integral part of the park’s heritage.

Hiking trail at Aiken State Park

Visit Aiken State Park

Aiken State Park stands as a remarkable destination that seamlessly blends nature, history, and recreational activities. With its captivating landscapes, lakes, and trails, the park offers a retreat for outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure and tranquility.

As you explore the hardwood forests, fish in the lakes, or paddle along the scenic river, you’ll find yourself immersed in the beauty of South Carolina’s natural wonders.

Admission: $3 adults; $1.50 SC seniors; $1 children age 6-15; age 5 & younger free

Aiken State Park
1145 State Park Road, Windsor
Open daily 9 am to sunset.

Have you and your family visited Aiken State Park? What are some of your favorite things to do there?

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Owens Field Park in Columbia, SC is Full of Exciting Attractions

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Have you ever been to Owens Field Park in Columbia, SC? If not, let us be the first to tell you, you’ve got to give it a try! Owens Field Park features an all-inclusive playground, a huge skatepark, a unique bicycle course, disc golf, ball fields, and more. Whether you’re planning an all-day outing or just need to pass the time for a few hours, you and your children will have a blast! 

Columbia, SC: Owens Field Park

Owens Field Park is one of the most unique parks in all of Columbia, SC! Located directly across from the Jim Hamilton airport, this park is packed FULL of great things to do. You could spend as much or as little time here as you’d like. Bring a ball, a lunch, bicycles, or whatever your kiddos are interested in as there is PLENTY of room for just about any outdoor activity. 

Zip lines Owens Field Park

What is There To Do at Owens Field Park?

There is no shortage of family-friendly attractions at Owens Field Park! They’ve got an all-inclusive playground, skate park, pump track, ball fields, and more! 

Skate Park

There is a large skatepark at Owens Field that is full of some super cool equipment! You will find stairs, metal rails, ramps, and even a “pool bowl”. The skate park is free and available for skateboards, in-line skates, and bicycles. Pads and helmets are required!   

The skate park at Owens Field Park in Columbia, SC

Pump Track Course

You’ll DEFINITELY want to load up your children’s bikes before your trip! The pump track is arguably one of the coolest features at Owens Field. You can often find it full of kiddos of all ages, biking levels, as well as a variety of bikes – balance bikes, training wheels, traditional bikes, etc. One lap around the track is about 0.2 miles. It is full of neat obstacles such as rolling hills, bridges, and wood roller corners. 

Pump track and bikes at Owens Field Park


There is also an all-inclusive playground at Owens Field! Children of all ages and abilities will love it here. The playspace features 2 zip lines, a saucer swing, musical instruments, slides, climbing apparatisies, and more! It even has padded turf! At our recent visit, my kids loved relaxing on the saucer swing and my 4-year-old couldn’t get enough of the ziplines. 

Playground at Owens Field Park

Disc Golf Course

Do you know about the 18-hole disc golf course at Owens Field? The course is well-marked and winds all throughout a large portion of the woods next to the soccer fields. The walkways along the course are manicured and on a day when there aren’t many people playing disc golf, it also doubles as a fantastic and easy walking trail. Because of the tree roots, I wouldn’t recommend it for strollers or bicycles, however for a quick nature walk it’s perfect! 

On our recent trip, my son had a fun time leading our family on a “bear hunt” along the course. Much to his disappointment, we didn’t come across any bears, but we did see a lot of other neat creatures! 

Disc golf course at Owens Field Park

More to Love at Owens Field

It’s hard to believe, but there are several other fun attractions at Owens Field: 

  • 12 Soccer Fields
  • Several Baseball Fields 
  • Outdoor Track 
  • Miracle League Field 
  • Free Little Library 

Owens Field Park 
1401 Jim Hamilton Boulevard 

What is your family’s favorite attraction at Owens Field Park?