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Little Creek Farm is a Hidden Gem for Families: Lexington, SC

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Would your family enjoy a farm experience, complete with adorable animal interactions and fun learning experiences? Little Creek Farm, right outside of Lexington, SC, might be just the spot you’re looking for. Local mom and Kidding Around guest contributor, Mary Thomas, brought her kids for a day at Little Creek Farm.

They all had such an amazing time she wanted to share their experience so others could enjoy this amazing little farm. In this article she’s telling us all about their visit, and how you can plan your own visit to Little Creek Farm!

Playing with animals at Little Creek Farm

What is Little Creek Farm?

As a mom, I’m always looking for new experiences to share with my two young boys (ages 7-9). If you have an hour to kill and are looking for a neat activity, I highly recommend Little Creek Farm (LCF).

This hidden gem is a privately owned animal sanctuary that provides permanent placements for abused, neglected, or disabled livestock. Located right outside of Lexington, SC, LCF offers farm tours, weddings, birthday parties, and photography venue rentals. 

My family and I planned a tour for our youngest son’s birthday back in December. Booking was super easy and convenient, not to mention very reasonably priced, just $50 for a one hour tour for up to 5 people. You can add additional people for $10.

LCF is not quite visible from the road, but once we pulled up the driveway we were surrounded by horses and other livestock. We managed to keep the birthday plans a surprise from my son, so having the privacy of a hidden venue added to the experience- he was so excited! 

Learning at Little Creek Farm

The Little Creek Farm Tour

We were greeted by Anne Kershner, the owner, who explained what all the tour would involve. Anne was super helpful with planning this trip. Prior to arriving, we had discussed taking family photos at the venue.

She so kindly took our photos on the front porch which was decorated with the cutest Christmas decorations. My family and I loved them so much, we decided to use them as our Christmas cards! 

Anne gave us some background information about the farm and what animals we would be visiting during our time at LCF. After the photos, we met Diddley, the 27-year-old horse. My sons were able to pet, brush, and give treats to him. While the boys were busy at work, Anne was telling them Diddley’s background and other horse facts. 

After loading some feed for other animals, we continued on our tour. We stopped by a garden and Anne explained all the produce LCF locally grows to feed the animal residents. My sons were able to help resource some of the vegetables they would need to feed the other animals we would be visiting.

From the garden, we stopped at the bunny cages. Here my sons were able to feed the bunnies and learn from Anne all of their names. 

The next stop was the chickens. Anne was very generous and gifted each of my sons an egg. She explained that they could eat the egg or “grow” a chicken. She explained the incubating process to them and the life cycle of a developing chick.

Of course, my sons opted for the latter choice, so now we currently have an incubator and are rotating chicken eggs in hopes of hatching one (LOL, thanks Anne!). 

Little Creek Farm animals

Our tour continued on as we met a mini donkey, goats, a sheep, an alpaca, ducks, an emu, and pigs. Not only did we get to learn about all the animals, but we also learned about composting. At each stop, Anne was educating the boys on every animal each step of the way.

I am thankful to Anne for allowing my family and I to visit LCF. I was surprised how much of the tour was interactive, as it was a new experience for us all. 

I enjoyed watching my sons light up with excitement every step of the way. I was able to snap some photos of them during this learning experience. I used to own a photography business but gave it up once I had the boys. This trip reminded me of my passion and why I had fallen in love with photography in the first place. 

Little Creek Farm feeding animals

More at Little Creek Farm

Little Creek Farm also offers birthday parties for kids, parties and events for adults, and a rental photography location. You’ll find more about all these offerings under the “book now” tab on the Little Creek Farm Facebook page.

Plan Your Tour

I hope that by my sharing our experience at LCF that you will reach out to Anne and schedule a tour. All the proceeds the farms gains goes 100% back to the animals. LCF is easily accessible online through the Little Creek Farm Facebook page, where you are able to see their availability and book your visit.

If social media isn’t your speed, Anne can also be your point of contact to book via email or phone.

One-hour tours are $50 for up to 5 people, and $10 for each additional person.

Little Creek Farm
Edmund Highway
Lexington, SC

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Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve: a hidden falls hike in Lexington, SC

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Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve near Columbia has a hidden falls hike. It is not very well known or overly crowded. But, it is home to the midlands’ only naturally occurring waterfall. It’s about 20 feet high but not a ton of water. It is more impressive after rains, but don’t go too soon after unless you love mud.

Looking for an easy hike for little ones that has a water feature? The Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve trail is considered a baby trail with very little incline. However, it is not stroller or wheelchair friendly.

Hiking Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve with kids

About Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve, Lexington County

The Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve is 460 acres of land managed by South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and the SC Chapter of the Nature Conservancy. The preserve consists of sandstone formations and outcrops, pines, and wetlands.

You can find a bird list and plant list at the Nature Conservancy website.

Along the Trail: Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve

The walk from the preserve parking lot to the giant Peachtree Rock, an inverted pyramid, and the falls and creek is just about half a mile. The trail is mostly flat with a few spots that have a brief 30-degree uphill stretch. Also, the path is typically clear.

Peachtree Falls at Peachtree Falls Heritage Preserve

Remember, it will also be half mile walk back, but again, one of the easiest if you’re just starting.

Pets and playing along the path are very welcome as more experienced hikers aren’t often bursting past. Toddlers and young children love exploring the trail and touching the water.

Or, if you want to do the full loop, it is 7.5 miles, so there is something for everyone. Further along the path is the historic site for Peachtree Rock Moonshine Still and “little Peachtree Rock”. Plus, you can even spy some fossils, making it a decent homeschool field trip.

Note, there are NOT bathrooms and water fountains are not around, so come prepared. Please, use the BATHROOM before. Verizon customers typically receive decent cellular and data reception.

Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve flowers on the hike

Peachtree Hike: Things to Bring

For a fun, safe hike, you might want to bring:

  • a map image of the trail so you don’t end up on the long portion (blue trail, stay to the left)
  • charged cell phone for photos and emergencies
  • bug spray and maybe sunscreen unless you want a very fussy afternoon
  • water and a trail-friendly snack
  • good shoes, for hiking and snake protection
  • clothes that can get dirty
  • carrier for baby/toddler in case they get tired
  • bonus, a durable, cheap toy to explore with you or nature scavenger hunt, or the like to keep kids engaged

Happy hiking!

Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve
883 Peachtree Rock Road, Lexington

What Does Columbia Love About Cafe Strudel?

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Have you ever been to Cafe Strudel? Cafe Strudel is a locally-owned restaurant that is well-known to many throughout the Midlands! They have two locations in both West Columbia and Lexington, making it easy to give them a try. Most known for their outstanding breakfast and brunch menu, we promise this kid-friendly, welcoming restaurant won’t let you down.

Cafe Strudel in West Columbia, SC

Quick Growth and Popularity throughout the Midlands

Cafe Strudel began in 1997 as a tiny, 10-table restaurant in West Columbia that quickly outgrew its space and had to move to bigger locations…more than once. After continued growth and support from the community, the owners of Cafe Strudel were able to open a second location in Lexington in 2018. Both restaurants continue to be staple cafes in Columbia. They have several popular, award-winning dishes that we can’t wait to tell you more about! 

Cafe Strudel Has an Inviting, Local Feel 

Cafe Strudel offers a family-friendly, cozy, laid-back feel. The kind of local place you can wander into on a Sunday morning in your “comfy clothes” and feel right at home. The West Columbia location includes indoor seating as well as a covered outdoor patio.

They also have an awesome self-serve coffee bar with a variety of coffee flavors, creamers, and the cutest coffee mugs. While I can’t speak from experience on the Lexington location, word around town is that it’s just as inviting!

As we’ve mentioned, Cafe Strudel is a super popular place to be. Keep in mind that there might be a wait, especially on weekend mornings. They don’t offer reservations, however, you can call ahead to have your name added to the waitlist!

Coffee bar at Cafe Strudel in West Columbia

So Many Delicious Options at Cafe Strudel 

Cafe Strudel has been one of my absolute favorite brunch restaurants for several years. You seriously cannot go wrong with anything you decide on, but the “Hangover Hashbrowns” and “Breakfast Bowl” are crowd favorites. My husband is more of an omelet guy and has never been disappointed with either of their omelets – Smoked Salmon or Smokehouse.

At our most recent visit, I strayed a bit from my normal order and gave the “Sunrise Burrito” a try, and WOW! It might just be my new go-to! My kids shared the Cinnamon Pancakes and, as always, gave them two thumbs up! 

The lunch/dinner menu at Cafe Strudel will also not leave you disappointed. They offer soup, salad, tacos, burgers, wraps, sandwiches and more! Lunch and dinner options are available every day except Sunday! 

Brunch at Cafe Strudel

Support Local Artists at Cafe Strudel 

As if you needed any more reasons to give this cafe a try, let me leave you with another fun tidbit! Cafe Strudel displays modern artwork, mostly done by artists throughout the Midlands. All artwork displayed along the walls is available for purchase. Even if you aren’t interested in taking any pieces home, they are fun to look at and change quite often! What another GREAT way to support local businesses!

Cafe Strudel
West Columbia: 300 State Street
Lexington: 309 South Lake Drive

What is your favorite thing to order at Cafe Strudel?

Enjoy a delicious brunch in Columbia, SC

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Strawberry Picking: Columbia, SC’s Berry U-Pick Farms

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Ready to pick your own strawberries in Columbia, SC? You have a lot of options when it comes to U-pick strawberry picking. Columbia, SC has several nearby farms where you can pick your own delicious berries or just pick up a gallon or two of pre-picked berries.

Our list includes all the strawberry picking options in Columbia and the surrounding midlands area. We’ll let you know what other farm activities might be happening and where you can find other fun things to do nearby. Enjoy the strawberry season in Columbia, SC!

Strawberry picking: Columbia, SC

Before You Go: Top Strawberry Picking Tips

  1. Strawberry patches, and as a result strawberry picking availability, are highly dependent on weather. Most farms won’t have regular hours. You’ll need to check their social media Facebook page or Instagram for picking availability.
  2. Wear sneakers or boots. Fields have ants. Ants bite. A strawberry patch is not the place for flip-flops.
  3. Don’t forget a hat, sunscreen, and water bottles! That sun gets hot fast!
  4. Think about visiting a restroom before you get to the farm. You might have a porta-potty option at the farm, or, there might not be an on-site restroom. No one wants to run away from their basket of freshly picked strawberries to try to find a potty.

Cottle Strawberry Farm

2533 Trotter Road Hopkins, SC 29061| 803.695.1714

One of the most popular places to pick strawberries near Columbia, Cottle Strawberry Farm offers both u-pick and pre-picked berries.

We visited Cottle Strawberry Farm, and you’ll find everything you need to know about this farm in our Cottle Strawberry Farm review.

This farm participates in the SC Agritourism Passport.

cottle strawberry farm agritour

Lever Farm

5057 SC Highway 34, Pomaria, SC | 803.321.5952

Lever Farms has both U-pick and pre-picked strawberries.

They do plan do be open the week of spring break (April 3rd through April 7th, 2023), but as always, keep an eye on the Lever Farm Facebook page for conditions and availability before you go for spring break and after!

James R. Sease Farms Inc. Strawberry Patch

3911 Augusta Hwy, Gilbert | 803.359.3276

James R. Sease Farms offers both u-pick and pr-epicked strawberries.

U-Pick Gallon: $18
Pre-picked gallon: $20

You’ll also find this farm’s berries at farm stands located: Hwy 378 Lexington, Wingard’s Market on Hwy #6 Lexington, Four Oaks Farm on Hwy #1 Lexington, Taylor’s Produce on Augusta Hwy, Gilbert and Randall’s Produce on Hwy #1 Batesburg

Clinton Sease Farm

Clinton Sease Farm Strawberry Patch: 426 Olde Farm Road, Lexington

A popular farm for pumpkins and fall adventures, Clinton Sease Farm also offers spring strawberry picking! Note that the fun playgrounds are not open at this time, but keep your eyes peeled for their Pick and Play events planned for May!

Check the Clinton Sease Farm facebook page for strawberry field updates.

Due to rain they had a batch of ruined berries and they will not be open the week of spring break.

Lucas Ridge Farms Strawberries

7668 Edmund Highway, Pelion, SC

Get u-pick and pre-picked strawberries at Lucas Ridge Farms in Pelion, SC.

U-Pick: $15
Pre-picked: $18

Check the Lucas Ridge Farms Facebook page for hours and dates.

Cherry Place Farm

1950 Oakdale Road Rock Hill, SC

Cherry Place Farm is in York County, SC. It’s a little further from Columbia, but, besides picking strawberries you can also visit the on-site farm animals. That sounds like a pretty perfect day trip to us. Strawberries are available in $12 or $20 buckets.

If you’re heading to York County, we have a few more ideas about things to do there to help you plan a spectacular day. Here’s our guide to York County things to do!

McCurley Farms

8839 Salley Road, North, SC

McCurley Farms has pre-picked strawberries for $18. They do not offer u-pick. But they do offer lots of other fruits and vegetables for purchase on the farm.

Want to pick more strawberries?

You have lots more options for strawberries in Greenville, the Upstate, and Western North Carolina. In fact, the strawberry season starts a couple of weeks later in the Upstate and WNC which means you can try a day trip to these farms if the strawberry patches near Columbia are picked-out.

Pick more strawberries in the Upstate

Strawberry Farms near Greenville, SC

What do you make with all your freshly-picked strawberries?

Farmers Markets in Columbia, SC

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Lake Murray Public Park: The Perfect Swimming Spot This Summer in Lexington, SC

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Are you planning a trip to Lake Murray Public Park in Lexington, SC? If you are looking for a family-friendly place to take a swim this summer, Lake Murray might be just the place. At Lake Murray Public Park you’ll find both a beach area and lake swimming access that’s the perfect place to play, then jump in and cool off. We recently visited Lake Murray Public Park and have all the details you need to know from a mom’s perspective.  

Lake Murray Park beach

You Can Feed and Hold Baby Animals at Two Girls and a Farm: Lexington, SC

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Have you ever heard of Two Girls and a Farm – Mobile Petting Zoo? Are you looking for a unique way to interact with adorable animals? Two Girls and a Farm in Lexington, SC will bring the farm right to you or you can go to them for a visit. More than just your average petting zoo, here you will be able to feed, pet, and even hold and snuggle a variety of different farm animals. They are available for events such as birthday parties, weddings, school celebrations, and community gatherings and it just so happens that we’ve got all the info! 

Thanks to Two Girls and a Farm for having us out to explore the farm!

Two Girls and  a Farm Mobile Petting Zoo in Lexington, SC

You’ve Got to Give Two Girls and a Farm a Try! 

Two Girls and a Farm – Mobile Petting Zoo is a woman-owned business based out of Lexington, SC. The owners love to share their animals with the community in a fun and unique way. They are most known for their mobile petting zoo and mini horse rides, however, what a lot of people don’t know is that they also offer meet and greets right at the farm! 

Animals at Two Girls and a Farm

At Two Girls and a Farm you can expect to see a variety of different animals! All of their animals are very friendly with humans, including the tiny tots. During our recent trip, some of my family’s favorite animals were the baby ducks and baby pig. Oh, and we can’t forget about Evelyn! She’s a baby goat who loves to strut around in her adorable outfits and tutus – the true star of the show! 

Some other animals you can expect to see are:

  • Goats
  • Mini horse 
  • Rabbits
  • Guinea pig
  • Bearded dragon
  • Hedgehog 
  • They hope to add an alpaca soon as well! 

Several of the animals walk around freely and enjoy wandering from family to family to get their next treat. For animals such as the ducks and rabbits, you will be allowed to join them in their enclosures to love on them and even hold them if you’d like! 

Mini horse at Two Girls and a Farm in Lexington, SC

Mobile Petting Zoo: Two Girls and a Farm

The mobile petting zoo is perfect for big events or celebrations! If you’ve got a birthday party coming up, Two Girls and a Farm could help make it a memorable one, for sure. Along with birthday parties, they also travel to school and daycare events, church functions, nursing homes, weddings, farmers markets, and more. Although they are based in Lexington, they travel all throughout the Midlands to help make your event an extra special one! 

Mobile Petting Zoo Packages for Private Events 

Two Girls and a Farm offers multiple packages for private events. Please keep in mind that if these packages do not fit within your budget or party needs, they also offer custom packages and will do their best to bring as much joy to your party as possible. Each of these packages, with the exception of the Deluxe, includes 1 hour of animal fun. More time can be added for an additional fee if needed. 

  • Mini Horse Rides
    • No petting zoo, only Jojo, the mini horse
    • Cost: $300
  • Mini Package
    • 2 goats, 1 pig, 2 rabbits 
    • Cost: $250
  • Small Package
    • 2 goats, 1 mini pig, 2 rabbits, 1 guinea pig, ducks 
    • Cost: $300
  • Medium Package
    • 2 goats, 1 mini pig, 2 rabbits, guinea pig, ducks, bearded dragon, hedgehog, mini cow
    • Cost: $350
  • Large Package
    • 2 goats, 1 mini pig, 2 rabbits, ducks, bearded dragon, mini cow, mini horse
    • Cost: $400
  • Deluxe Package – 2 hours
    • Everything in the large package PLUS the mini horse will be used for rides AND within the petting zoo
    • First hour will be for mini horse rides
      • Weight limit of 50 pounds
    • Second hour will be for petting zoo portion 
    • Cost: $500

Mobile Petting Zoo Packages for Schools, Churches, Nursing Homes, Etc. 

Two Girls and a Farm also offers two packages for events at schools, daycares, festivals, nursing homes, etc. 

  • Small Package
    • 2 goats, 1 mini pig, 2 rabbits, 1 guinea pig, ducks
    • Hedgehog and bearded dragon can be added if temperature is above 70 degrees
    • 1 hour 
    • Cost: $200
  • Medium Package
    • 2 goats, 1 mini pig, 2 rabbits, 1 guinea pig, ducks, mini cow
    • Hedgehog and bearded dragon can be added if temperature is above 70 degrees 
    • 1 hour 
    • Cost: $250

Meet & Greets at Two Girls and a Farm

On weekends when they aren’t booked for the Mobile Petting Zoo, Two Girls and a Farm opens up their large backyards for family meet and greets! This gives families a chance to see where the animals live, interact with them, and meet the awesome owners. Since these meet and greets are scheduled around the mobile petting zoo, the best way to stay informed on when the next one will be is by following Two Girls and a Farm on Facebook.  

How Much Do the Meet & Greets Cost? 

The meet and greets cost $20 for a family of four and this includes 1 bag of animal feed. If there are more than 4 people in your family, it will cost $5 for each additional member. Additionally, if 1 bag of animal food isn’t enough, you can purchase more for just $3. Please be aware that meet and greets are cash only! 

Ducks at Two Girls and a Farm in Lexington, SC

So Many Activities for Family Fun 

Trisha and Kelsey, the owners of Two Girls and a Farm, have done an excellent job at making sure there is plenty to do when you come for a visit. With a quaint, friendly atmosphere you will feel welcome as soon as you enter. Here are a few things my family enjoyed during our visit: 

  • Animals
    • All of the animals discussed above will be available for petting, holding, feeding, etc. 
    • My daughter (1 year-old) loved the ducks and my son (4 year-old) enjoyed the mini pig the best
  • Face Painting
    • Two Girls and a Farm often partners with Ladybugs Face Painting. She sets up near the entrance and this was a huge hit with several of the kiddos!
    • Face painting will cost an additional charge that is not included with admission
  • Swings and Trampoline
    • Tire swing, saucer swing, large trampoline are all included in the admission price 
Children with facepainting
Photo Credit: Ladybug’s Facepainting

Know Then Go! 

Here are a few helpful hints to consider before loading your family up for your petting zoo adventure: 

  1. Wear boots or closed-toed shoes that you don’t mind getting a little dirty
  2. Bring cash – like we stated above, meet and greets are CASH ONLY
  3. Talk to your kiddos about properly petting, feeding, and respecting the animals before arriving – feeding with a flat hand, being gentle when petting, approaching them slowly, etc. 
  4. P.S. – you’re probably going to fall in love with their animals and leave trying to convince your spouse you need cute ducks and a zebu cow for your own home…you’ve been warned!  

Two Girls and a Farm 
1018 Three Chop Run, Lexington 

What animal(s) did your family like the most at Two Girls and a Farm? 

So Many Great Opportunities for Hands-On Fun at Fox Farm in Lexington, SC

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Have you been thinking about a visit to Fox Farm in Lexington, SC? Are you looking for a budget-friendly way to enjoy farm activities and a petting zoo with your family? At Fox Farm there are hayrides, horse rides, and animal pettings and feedings available at a really great price! We recently went here and have everything you need to know in order to have a farm load of fun! 

Horses at Fox Farm

Loads of Fun and Learning at Fox Farm 

Your family will love the quaint and welcoming atmosphere at Fox Farm! There is a lot to love about this locally-owned farm, but one thing that really stood out to me were all of the great opportunities for hands-on learning. From feeding farm animals to riding horses and everything in between, your children will be able to experience so much during your visit! 

You Must Schedule Your Visit in Advance 

Fox Farm is open for family visits most Saturday’s throughout the year. However, it is important to note that they are by APPOINTMENT ONLY. This is to make sure they have enough staff available in order to give you and your family the best experience possible. To schedule your visit you can email or call 803.351.2462. 

In my experience, scheduling our trip was pretty simple. The owners responded to my emails quickly and were easy to work with. When our initial date didn’t work out, they were very helpful in offering new dates and times that would work with both of our schedules. 

Petting a horse at Fox Farm near Columbia, SC

Fox Farm is Super Budget Friendly! 

At Fox Farm you truly get your money’s worth and then some! For just $7 per child, your kiddos will be able to enjoy all of the exciting things the farm has to offer – horse riding, animal feeding, a hayride, and playground. Adults are able to ride on the hayride and enjoy the barnyard for FREE. Horse rides for adults are an additional $3. 

What is There To Do at Fox Farm? 

Horse Rides

One unique thing about Fox Farm is that they offer horse rides! Saddle up and enjoy being led down the path and back again. Both of my kids (1 and 3 years old) loved riding the horses! My son was able to ride by himself and although he started off a little nervous and unsure, he very quickly loosened up and had the best time. They allowed me to ride on the same horse with my 1-year old which was so fun and memorable. 

Ride a horse at Fox Farm

Barnyard and Animal Feedings 

Head over to the barnyard to get up close and personal to several of the farm animals! Staff members call you into groups where they will then lead you around the barnyard and hand out food for feeding. Throughout your adventure, you will have the opportunity to pet and feed a donkey, alpaca, pony, sheep, rabbits, and more! 

Feeding a goat at Fox Farm in Columbia, SC


Almost all of us have been on at least one hayride, but the hayrides at Fox Farm are unlike any other. Also referred to as “CRAAAZY Time”, your kiddos will have a lot of fun giggling and playing along with the driver throughout the ride. Along with this silly, bumpy ride you will also be able to see more of the property. 

Play Area

The play area is in the middle of the farm and has several great obstacles and activities for kids. They’ve got traditional swings, bucket swings, slides, and my son’s personal favorite, the tractor to “drive”. 

Fox Farm tractor

Schedule Your Next Party at Fox Farm!

Have a birthday party coming up? You might want to consider Fox Farm! Each party costs $200 and includes all of the activities mentioned above – hayride, horse riding, and a trip to the barnyard to feed and pet the animals. There are also a few add-on options available such as heater rentals for the cold months, BB gun shooting, and even the option to have a horse dressed up like a unicorn…talk about a memorable birthday! 

Fox Farm
133 Virginia Pine Lane
Lexington, SC 29073

What is your favorite memory from Fox Farm?