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13 Spooky and Haunted Places to Visit Near Columbia, SC

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Looking for a scare? Discover haunted places in Columbia, SC for some chilling, spine-tingling tales. We went on a hunt for some of the most popular spooky spots around Columbia, along with the legends that surround them. Discover the spirits that many say still lurk as ghosts in Columbia, SC

As the beginning of October rolls around, we usher in the fall season with pumpkin spice treats, colorful foliage, and apple orchards. But wait – are those ghosts lurking around the corner?! If you’re not a fan of the paranormal, then this article may not be for you. However, if you love hearing about ghost stories, Columbia, SC is full of them, and you won’t want to miss this post!

South Carolina is known for its abundance of ghost stories, from Hilton Head to Myrtle Beach, Columbia, and Spartanburg. We’ve written about haunted places near Greenville, but this time, we’re focusing on the state’s capital, Columbia. Keep in mind that all claims are just that – claims. Your experiences may differ at any given site, so be sure to follow all local ordinances if you decide to visit.

Lunatic Asylum in Columbia, SC. Is it haunted?

Haunted Places Near Columbia, SC

South Carolina Lunatic Asylum

The South Carolina Lunatic Asylum, also known as “Bull Street,” has a long and chilling history that has made it one of Columbia’s most haunted locations. The asylum was constructed between 1822 and 1827 and was only the second mental health facility in the United States at the time.

Originally consisting of a single building, the asylum grew over time into a village-like compound with separate buildings for male and female patients, as well as one for servants and slaves. During the Civil War, the grounds were transformed into a prison camp, which marked the beginning of a steady decline for the hospital.

Lack of funding, difficulty obtaining necessary supplies, and serious overcrowding led to rumors of mistreatment and barbaric medical practices towards patients. By the 1950s, about 5,000 patients were housed in the asylum, which only worsened the situation.

Lunatic asylum, Columbia

The asylum’s population began to decline in the 1970s until deinstitutionalization was necessary. The hospital was eventually abandoned but is infamous for its use of cruel procedures such as electroshock, lobotomies, and near-starvation, which have contributed to the negative energy and eerie atmosphere of the location. 

Visitors have reported strange shadows, unexplainable sounds, feeling sudden cold spots, and disembodied cries and screams from former patients. 

The South Carolina Lunatic Asylum is also believed to be the burial site of many Civil War casualties, adding to the already haunting history of the location.

Haunted Columbia, SC

University of South Carolina

According to Columbia locals, the University of South Carolina is home to many spirits. Some of these apparitions have even been formally identified over the years. Here are some examples of the eerie happenings around campus:

  • The Longstreet Theatre: This building is rumored to be one of the most haunted on campus. During the Civil War, the theater was used as a hospital, complete with a morgue. Theater guests have reported walking into sudden chilly spots, strange noises, and apparitions. The elevators in the building also have a reputation for opening their doors unexpectedly and moving without being summoned.
  • The South Caroliniana Library: The library is said to be haunted by the ghost of former University President James Rion McKissick. He is rumored to wander around the library at night and students believe that if they see the lights on late at night, it means that McKissick is there, perusing the books. In addition, students have reported experiencing sudden cold spots, witnessing doors opening, and observing objects moving inexplicably. Interestingly, McKissick’s body is actually buried outside the library.
  • The DeSaussure College Building: This building is reportedly haunted by a group of ghostly soldiers and a female apparition with long, dark hair. It is believed that the woman is the daughter of Dr. Black, a military officer who was killed by a group of soldiers. Seeking revenge, she poisoned the soldiers responsible for her father’s death with poisoned wine. However, she accidentally drank some of the tainted beverage herself, so her spirit is also seen floating around.

With a history dating back to 1801, it’s no surprise that USC has more than one haunted location.

Olympia Mills

Beyond its function as a well-known student apartment complex, Olympia Mills is rumored to be home to ghosts of child mill workers who haunt the halls dating back to 1899.

This popular student apartment complex houses more than just the living. Ghosts of child mill workers are said to lurk the circa-1899 halls


South Carolina State Museum

The South Carolina State Museum in Columbia has garnered a reputation for being one of the most haunted locations in the area, based on accounts from both visitors and employees. The building was originally the first electric cotton textile mill in the US, constructed in 1894, and is now believed to be haunted by the ghost of a former mill worker named Bubba.

According to staff, Bubba passed away in an industrial accident when he was decapitated in an elevator shaft, and his apparition is often seen on the fourth floor next to the Old Country Store. He’s usually wearing overalls and is often spotted stepping into the elevator.

Some visitors have even claimed to have ridden in the elevator with him, but upon reaching their destination, he walks down the hall and disappears into a wall! Bubba is said to manifest as a full-body apparition that can be mistaken for a real person, or as a pair of boots and partial legs sticking to the shadows. 

SC State Museum

The Gervais Street Bridge in Columbia

Legend has it that the Gervais Street Bridge in Columbia, South Carolina is home to a ghostly hitchhiker. Many drivers have reported seeing a young girl trying to hitch a ride, and some have even claimed to have offered her one. But here’s where things get eerie – as they approach the girl’s destination, she disappears into thin air.

While it’s never safe to pick up hitchhikers, it’s especially risky on the historic Gervais Street Bridge. If you find yourself driving across it, keep an eye out for the ghostly girl in need of a ride. 

Gervais Street Bridge ghost stories

Fort Jackson

Fort Jackson is an active Army base that pays homage to former US President and General, Andrew Jackson. However, it is also known to be one of the most haunted places in Columbia, owing to the tragic story of a female soldier who ended her life while stationed here. Her ghostly apparition is often seen in the latrine where she took her own life with a bullet hole in her helmet, although some reports suggest that she had hanged herself. 

Witnesses have also reported distant female voices and humming.

But the female soldier is not the only haunting spirit in Fort Jackson. In the B Company 369th AG Barracks, there have been numerous sightings of a shadowy male figure who walks around from room to room, seemingly checking on the soldiers. 

With more than one entity rumored to be haunting this site that trains over 50% of our nation’s army, you can’t help but wonder if the soldiers are ever able to get any sleep with these paranormal beings lurking about.

Old State Road

During the Battle of Congaree Creek in 1865, General Sherman’s troops marched through South Carolina, killing over 1,500 Confederate soldiers on Old State Road. To this day, some say that you can still hear the sounds of people walking and falling into the creek, or catch a glimpse of phantom soldiers carrying lanterns in the darkness.

But that’s not all – the road is also home to another spooky character. Meet “Ole Redeye,” a ghost who’s said to be quite the athlete. Legend has it that if you drive down the road at 50 mph (which we don’t recommend because you’d be breaking the law!), you’ll see this red-eyed ghost keeping pace with your car. So keep your eyes peeled and your speed in check if you want to experience the eerie charm of Old State Road.

Mill Creek Elementary School

Mill Creek Elementary School is at the center of a number of reports of paranormal activity. Residents living behind the school have noticed some bizarre sightings at night over at the school. Some have reported feeling uneasy—as though they were being watched. In such instances, they looked up at the school gym only to see a shadowy figure at the doors… when neither students nor staff would have been in the building.

Although no one knows exactly who is behind the shadowy figure, one thing is certain – they roam the campus.

According to some residents, the shadowy figure has even entered their homes. The figure is described as dark and appearing like a silhouette with no noticeable features on its face.

Elmwood Cemetery
Elmwood Cemetery

Elmwood Cemetery

Elmwood Cemetery has been a spooky destination for both tourists and locals for over 175 years. The cemetery’s 124 acres are home to over 25,000 graves, including those of 500 Confederate soldiers, notable Southern families, and a young bride who died mysteriously before her wedding. The cemetery’s classic Gothic architecture, including old mausoleums, monuments, and a wrought-iron arch over the entrance, adds to its eerie ambiance. 

In 2014, Elmwood was even named one of the “Spookiest Cemeteries in the U.S.” by Fox News. You can pick up a walking tour map and explore the famous figures resting in the cemetery and who knows, you may even catch a glimpse of something mysterious.

Adluh Flour Mill

For over a century now, Adluh Flour Mill has been a beloved establishment, known for its stone-ground grits and various other products. The mill has also been home to a former employee, Jerome Busbee, who, despite having passed on, has not left the premises.

Rumors of Busbee’s voodoo practices have circulated, and it is said that his soul is attached to his old work cart. Surprisingly, the cart has never been moved from its spot, despite numerous attempts over the years. Not even a disgruntled supervisor was able to budge it, only succeeding in tipping it over. Today, the cart still remains on its side in the warehouse, stuck in place for eternity. 

Airport High School

Airport High School is also believed to be haunted. The ghost of the school’s first principal, George Pair, who died in 1962, reportedly appears every night. Even though the floors are now carpeted, visitors can still hear the sounds of his footsteps on the tile.

Cribb’s Sandwich & Sweet Shop

In Lexington’s the Cribb’s Sandwich & Sweet Shop bathroom, many locals have reported seeing ghosts, particularly a young girl in the bathroom mirror.

Cinnamon Hill

Cinnamon Hill is a historic house that was constructed in 1892. It is said that one or two ghosts now reside on the second floor. Interestingly, when the house functioned as a restaurant, a group of diners captured an apparition in one of their photos. The ghostly figure had unexpectedly joined their dinner party.

Again, remember that if you want to check into any of these stories and locations, PLEASE follow all local laws before wandering around.

Halloween in Columbia, SC

Check out our Halloween content:

See the Spookiest Halloween Houses and Displays: Columbia, SC

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Ready to hop in the car for some totally free Halloween fun, checking out the spookiest Halloween displays in Columbia? We asked our readers to send us photos of their over-the-top, totally decked-out Halloween houses.

So, cue up Monster Mash and get ready to hit the road for a Spooky Halloween House Driving Tour.

Jump in the car and check them out, and don’t forget to let us know if you’re house is one of the spookiest, creepiest, and most Halloween spirit-filled on your block. We want to know! Just fill out our Halloween Display form.

For more Halloween fun, don’t miss our HUGE Halloween in Columbia, SC Guide!

Spooky House Display, driving tour in Columbia, SC

Note: Parents, the display owners sent us a “scare rating” for their displays. The ratings are out of 5, with 5 being the scariest. These ratings are self-reported by homeowners. We’ve included pictures so you can gauge what’s best for your family!

These listings are provided for information purposes only and they are not an endorsement.

The Spooky Decorations Driving Routes: Columbia, SC

We have added three driving routes with spooky houses. We have one for Chapin, Lexington, and Blythwood. We’ve also included driving directions for an extended route from Chapin to Lexington if you’re looking for something longer! We also have a couple houses that aren’t quite on a route, but close-ish. So check them out on their own, or make them into a longer route if you’re having fun!

Our routes keep growing as homeowners submit their decorations, so check back soon for additions!

Use the map below to see the location of all the houses on our list and to access driving directions for our routes.

Columbia’s Halloween Houses

Chapin, SC Halloween Driving Route

408 Maria Posada Court, Chapin

This Halloween house in Chapin is full of spooky decor including a skeleton, a witch, and an appearance by the Grim Reaper. You’ll also see a graveyard and ghosts.

Scary Rating: 3 out of 5

500 Everton Drive, Chapin

Visit a creepy clown circus at this house in Chapin.

Scary Rating: Not reported

352 Eagle Pointe Drive, Chapin

Towering skeletons light up this yard along with pumpkins, spiders, and more.

Scary Rating: Not Reported

Halloween House on Eagle Point in Chapin, SC

2443 Old Lexington Highway, Chapin

This spooky Halloween house in Chaping, SC features animatronics, lights, and homemade decorations. This one has a bit of gore, so parents be warned.

Scary rating: 3 out of 5

112 Tom Blanchette Drive, Irmo

Halloween house on Tom Blanchette Drive

When you drive by this Halloween house you’ll find a scary pumpkin patch theme, including an inferno skeleton and other animatronics and a spooky graveyard scene.

Scary rating: 3 out of 5

1 Harrier Court, Irmo

This house in Irmo has a Nightmare Before Christmas theme, featuring a 13′ Jack Skellington.

Scary rating: 2 out of 5

Halloween at 1 Harrier Ct, IRMO

2 N Woodburn Lane, Columbia

Check out the 12-foot witch and ghoul, plus a whole graveyard with ghosts. This home has lots of lights and sound effects in its Halloween decor.

Scary rating: 3 out of 5

Lexington Spooky House Driving Route

165 Liberty Farm Boulevard, Lexington

This elaborate display in Lexington includes a graveyard, a 12ft talking witch, cornfield area with a 12ft inferno pumpkin, scarecrows, and pumpkins.

Scary rating: 3 out of 5

165 Liberty Farm Blvd Halloween house Columbia

300 Bane Berry Loop Lexington

This spooky house in Lexington has a large display with a cemetery, scarecrow display, reapers, clowns, and more!

Scary rating: 3

260 Cornerstone Lane, Lexington

Check out Halloween with some of your favorite characters from Peanuts and the Great Pumpkin, to Scooby Doo and the Ghostbusters.

312 Three Oaks Drive, Lexington

This yard is totally loaded up with spooky things including a 12-foot skeleton and lots of inflatables.

Scary rating: 0 out of 5

“The Boo Crew” Southberry Way and Southberry Lane, Lexington

301 Southberry Way/257 Southberry Lane

Three homes decorate in a “friendly” Halloween Porch Wars.

Scary rating: 3 out of 5

326 Clearbrook Circle, Lexington

This Lexington Halloween house has a lot going on in its corner lot display, including a graveyard, skeletons, flying demon, witches, towering skull, and lots more!

Scary rating: 3 out of 5

407 River Club Road, Lexington

Check out the creepy circus and evil carnival theme at this Lexington Halloween house. With an eerie orange glow, it features creepy clown dolls and animatronics.

Scary rating: 2 out of 5

530 Oakland Avenue, Cayce

This house in Cayce isn’t on a route, but it’s closest to the Lexington route. It’s a little different than others because it offers a small walk-through and even a photo op. You’ll see witches, a cemetery, clowns, a pumpkin patch and cornfield, a swamp, and a spider web tunnel.

**Remember that this walk-through is on private property. Be respectful of the homeowner’s property, and determine safety for your family.

Scary rating: 2 out of 5

Blythewood Spooky House Driving Route

514 Sterling Ponds Drive, Blythewood

The spooky display at Sterling Ponds Drive features 12-foot skeletons, a flying witch, a graveyard, and various animatronics. The clowns will be out a week before Halloween

Scary rating: 4 out of 5

Giant skeleton at Sterling ponds

121 Denby Circle, Columbia

Here’s a fun, family-friendly Halloween display full of inflatables and lights. But, don’t miss who is staring down on this festive, inflatable party from that upstairs, center window!

Scary rating: 0 out of 5

7 Millhouse Circle, Columbia

This Halloween house in Columbia has decorations that include animatronics, lights & homemade decorations.

Scary rating: 3 out of 5

7 Millhouse Circle Columbia, Halloween house decorations

988 Yarrow Lane, Columbia

Lots of Halloween lights, a cemetery, and a giant spider web complete with spiders is what you’ll find at this Halloween house. They also have some giant lit-up inflatables.

Scary rating: 3 out of 5

10 Cumberland Court, Elgin

This yard in Elgin has been transformed into a creepy cemetery. The display includes lights and various animatronics.

Scary rating: 3 out of 5

Halloween house in Elgin, SC

Get on this list!

We know there are more spooky, creepy, festive, lit-up, houses out there in Columbia that are totally full of Halloween fun. Proud of your display, don’t let our readers miss out! Let us know about your great Halloween decorations and displays. Just fill out our Halloween Display Columbia, SC form and include a picture!

More Spooky Routes

If you’re heading to the Upstate, you’ll want to check out these Halloween Display Driving Routes on Kidding Around Greenville.

Lunatic Asylum in Columbia, SC. Is it haunted?

Or, for a different kind of scare, swing by one of these haunted places in Columbia, SC.

Kidding Around Spotify Halloween Playlist

Enjoy some family-friendly Halloween music while you follow the tour, through the Kidding Around Spotify playlist we created. You can stream it through your car speakers with the Spotify App.

Halloween in Columbia, SC

For more Halloween fun, don’t miss our HUGE Halloween in Columbia, SC Guide!

The Best Halloween Events for Babies and Toddlers in Columbia, SC

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Are you looking for what to do on Halloween for babies and toddlers to in Columbia, SC? While Halloween is such a fun time of year, we know for families with young children it might be overwhelming to try and find events that are just right for them! From trunk-or-treating to outdoor movies, and Halloween events at playgrounds, Columbia offers several great options for even the littlest of littles! Below you will find the best events to take your babies and tots to this spooky season! 

Enjoy These Fa-BOO-Lous Halloween Events! 

At Kidding Around Columbia, we want to be sure that even your littlest ghosts and ghouls have the best Halloween yet! We love that several of these events happen during daylight when it’s easier to see and keep eyes on your littles, however even the ones that happen a little later can still be just as spook-tacular! 

Some great tips for making sure everyone enjoys their time at these events with little ones are: 

  • Use glow sticks to help see them better at night 
  • Bring your own special snacks in case the candy given isn’t suitable for them – fruit snacks, lollipops, m&m’s, chocolate kisses, etc. 
  • Choose the easiest candy bag – I have found hardshell or structured bags that stay open up top are much easier for littles because they don’t have to worry about trying to open them after receiving treats 
  • Be sure their costumes are as comfortable as possible – comfortable walking shoes, breathable costume material, etc. 

Top Halloween Events for Babies and Toddlers in Columbia, SC 

Soda City Bounce – Pumpkin Patch 2023

When: September 30, 2023
Time: 4 pm to 8 pm
Where: Krafty Draft Brew Pub
Price: $15
About: A family-friendly pumpkin patch with so much to do for kiddos of all ages! Along with pumpkins to paint and decorate, there will be inflatables, face painting, cotton candy, snow cones, and more. Krafty Draft will also be offering their full menu and drink options.

Soda City Bounce – Pumpkin Patch 2023

Family Farm Day and Fall Festival

When: October 14, 2023
Time: 9 am to 4 pm
Where: Fox Farm – 1822 Saint Matthew Church Road, Eastover
Price: $10 parking fee
About: A huge family fun day that you won’t want to miss! Perfect for littles to enjoy the fall and Halloween season without being too spooky. There will be tons of farm animals to interact with, hayrides, pony rides, games, crafts, and more.

Family Farm Day and Fall Festival

Boo at the Zoo 

When: October 20 through October 30, 2023 
Time: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Where: Riverbanks Zoo 
Price: $12 for members and $15 for non-members 
If purchased the day of, $17 for members and $20 for non-members 
About: At Boo at the Zoo, even your littlest little will have a great time trick-or-treating around Riverbanks! Aside from trick-or-treating, there will be an awesome dance floor, fun and festive lights and decorations, carousel and train rides, and more! Last year, my son was just 2 years old and it was the perfect event for him to join in on! Be sure to check out our Boo at the Zoo parent review for more information. 

Boo at the Zoo

Little Blue Truck’s Halloween

When: October 20, 2023
Time: 9 am to 12:30 pm
Where: Beechcreek Farm – 1260 Martin Smith Road, Gilbert
Price: $45/child
About: Send your preschooler off for a fun, educational, Halloween-themed day at the farm! There will be a storytime, learning center, arts & crafts, STEM activities, animal encounters, and so much more. Space is limited so you must register in advance!

Little Blue Truck’s Halloween at Beechcreek Farm

Movie Night & Trick-or-Treating at Crooked Creek Park 

When: October 20, 2023
Time: Trick-or-treating from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm, Casper movie begins at 7:30 pm
Where: Crooked Creek Park – 1098 Old Lexington Highway 
Price: $20 max per family OR $5/person in advance, $7/person day of  
About: At this spook-tacular event your family will have an awesome time trick-or-treating and then watching the outdoor movie, Casper. Trick-or-treating will take place from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm, with the movie beginning at 7:30 pm. Such a great event for all ages, but especially your babies and tots! 

Movie Night & Trick-or-Treating at Crooked Creek Park

Halloween at Saluda Shoals Park 

When: October 21, 2023
Time: 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm 
Where: Leo’s Landing – 6071 St. Andrews Rd. 
Price: $5 when purchased in advance, $7 day of 
About: Your kiddos will be able to go trick-or-treating throughout Leo’s Landing in Saluda Shoals. This is the perfect event for babies and tots because aside from trick-or-treating, there is a lot of size-appropriate equipment for them to play on, too. It is important to note that there are limited tickets for this event so tickets should be purchased ASAP! 

Halloween at Saluda Shoals Park

Harbison Trick-or-Treat Trail

When: October 28, 2023
Time: 2 pm to 4 pm
Where: Lake Woodcross
Price: Free
About: This event is full of treats, but very little tricks. Wear your favorite costume and be ready to fill your bag with candy.

Harbison Trick-or-Treat Trail

Best Trunk-or-Treating Events for Toddlers Around Columbia

Trunk-or-Treating events are perfect for babies and tots because they usually feel a bit more organized and a whole lot less spooky – making it the perfect combination for a family-friendly Halloween! Most trunk-or-treat events in Columbia are held at local churches and are open to everyone. So, put on those costumes, don’t forget the trick-or-treating bags, and head to one of these great places for a night full of trunk-or-treating fun!

Trunk or Treat at Robert Mills House & Gardens

When: October 25, 2023
Time: 5:30 pm to 7 pm
Where: Robert Mills House & Gardens – 1616 Blanding Street
Price: Free
About: Head to the Robert Mills House in your best costume! Community businesses will be passing out candy, there will be prizes for best costumes, and games and activities in the carriage house!

Trunk or Treat at Pine View Baptist Church

When: October 28, 2023
Time: 4 pm to 6 pm
Where: Pine View Baptist Church – 111 Pine View Church Road, Blythewood
Price: Free
About: An annual trunk or treat celebration!

Trunk or Treat for a Cause

When: October 31, 2023
Time: 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Where: 1405 North Millwood Avenue, Columbia
Price: Not specified
About: A Halloween wonderland full of greatly decorated trunks! All proceeds go towards Automotive Service Assistance, helping customers with affordable car repairs.

What is your favorite Halloween event to enjoy with your babies and toddlers? 

Get Ready for a Fun Halloween Night: Boo at the Zoo in Columbia, SC

Posted on |

Are you searching for a family-friendly place to trick-or-treat and enjoy the Halloween spirit this year? It’s time to get ready for the wildest trick-or-treating event, Boo at the Zoo in Columbia, SC! Riverbanks Zoo will host its annual “Boo at the Zoo” event from October 20 through October 30, 2023. We have everything you need to know about Boot at the Zoo from a local mom. Your kids will have a blast dressing up in their costumes, trick-or-treating throughout the zoo, and experiencing other spook-tastic Halloween fun! 

5 Riverbanks Boo at the Zoo Top Parent Tips

  • Get Riverbanks Boo at the Zoo Tickets in Advance
  • Don’t forget to bring your own treat bag!
  • Come in costume, but no full face masks or scary costumes for adults.
  • Attend on a weekday if at all possible.
  • Keep it simple and have fun!
Boo at the Zoo, Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia SC.

Don’t miss the Biggest Halloween Guide in Columbia! It’s packed full of Halloween events and activities in Columbia, plus spooky day trips, haunted houses, and much more!


Celebrate Halloween: Travel Ideas for a Spooky Good Time!

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Are you looking for a day trip that is a little more spooky? These Halloween trips are worth the drive! You will find special Halloween-themed events in South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee that will make for a memorable time with your family. These events go all out with spectacular light shows, costumed characters, and out-of-this-world Halloween displays.
Let us know how you’re celebrating Halloween in 2023 in the comments.

Halloween at Stone Mountain on October 18, 2019. Photo by Steven Bridges

Celebrating Halloween In 2023

We found some great day trip activities to celebrate Halloween this year. They are not only entertaining, but they will get you exploring a new town. These festivities make a great day trip or a weekend getaway! We’ve compiled extra info if you decide to make a trip of it! 

Halloween Trips to Georgia

If you’re thinking of making a weekend out of Halloween this year, check out our Guide to Travel in Georgia for ideas to fill out your itinerary.

Photo provided by Stone Mountain
Halloween at Stone Mountain on October 18, 2019. Photo by Steven Bridges

Stone Mountain Pumpkin Festival 

1000 Robert E Lee Blvd, Stone Mountain GA 

The Glow By Night Experience is a journey through a  storybook tale that comes to life with thousands of glowing lights, massive carved pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, bubbles, fog, and plenty of kid-friendly, glow-in-the-dark adventures after dark.

  • September 16th- October 29th, 2023
  • Adult (ages 12+) $39.95 / Child (ages 3-11) $34.95 / Children two years and younger are free.
  • Pumpkin Festival Tickets

Six Flags Over Georgia Frightfest

275 Riverside Parkway SW, Austell GA 

In addition to all of the fun Six Flags Over Georgia normally offers, guests will experience Halloween-themed extras. Live character interactions and shows top off the list of themed things you can expect. Kids Boo Fest is spooky fun for all ages, including trick-or-treating, family-friendly rides, and other fall activities.

  • September 16th – October 29th, 2023 (select dates)
  • general admission prices varies
  • $30 per car parking fee 
  • Purchase Tickets

Check out a local dad’s review of Six Flags Over Georgia.

Walk With The Spirits in Augusta, GA

Downtown Augusta, Georgia

Augusta is hosting its annual historic cemetery tour. Notable “spirits” come to life! This ghost tours aims to increase awareness of Augusta’s past by connecting current residents and visitors with the people and places that still influence us today through their contributions to Augusta’s cultural legacy.

  • 2023 Dates and Ticket Information TBD

Tickets may be purchased on the Explore Historic Augusta website.

Halloween Trips to Tennesee

If you’re thinking of spending Halloween weekend in Tennesee, check out our Ultimate Guide to Gatlinburg & Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for some excellent lodging options, things to do, and places to eat.

Dollywood Great Pumpkin Luminights

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Dollywood guests will be invited nightly to glow with Great Pumpkin LumiNights. This event was named the “#1 Theme Park Halloween Event in 2019″ by USA Today.

  • Thousands of Jack-O-lanterns, special fall treats and more are waiting for you this Halloween at Dollywood, September 20th – October 30th, 2023
  • Purchase tickets online

Halloween Trips In North Carolina

Carowinds Halloween Events

14523 Carowinds Boulevard Charlotte, NC

  • Select Dates September 15th through October 29th, 2023
  • SCarowinds tickets begin at $45, Great Pumpkin Fest tickets are general admission tickets


SCarowinds is one of the Carolina’s biggest Halloween events and a top Halloween themed destination, happening September 15, 2023 through October 29th, 2023. The theme park has evening events that contain haunted mazes, scare zones, live entertainment, and more. It is a scary event, not for small children!

SCarowinds scene at Carowinds in North Carolina
SCarowinds Ripper Alley scene, Photo Credit: Carowinds

The Great Pumpkin Fest

Carowinds’ fall and Halloween event for families, the Great Pumpkin Fest has all the regular Carowinds fun, plus great fall and festive Halloween activities with just a tiny bit of spooky. It’s happening Saturdays and Sundays September 16th, 2023 through October 29th, 2023. Enjoy a haybale maze, craft corner, soapy mummy pit, trick-or-treat trail, festive games, live entertainment, and lots more!

Here is more information on Carowinds.

Carowinds Great Pumpkin Fest
Great Pumpkin Fest Show, Photo Credit: Carowinds

Pumpkin Fest at Silvermont

Head to Brevard, North Carolina this October for this annual, family-friendly event! Pumpkin Fest runs from October 6-7, 13-14, 20-21, and 27-28, 2023, and features displays of lighted carved pumpkins, local musicians, fun and games for the entire family, food trucks, storytellers, face painting, a tour of the mansion, and of course, a white squirrel scavenger hunt! The event is sponsored by Friends of Silvermont, and admission is $7 per person ages 13 or older, and $5 for ages 3 – 12. Ages 2 and under are free.

Pumpkin Fest at Silvermont in Brevard, North Carolina

Halloween Trips in South Carolina

South Carolina Railroad Museum: Pumpkin Patch

110 Industrial Park Road, Winnsboro, SC

Hop aboard for a train ride to the pumpkin patch! When guests arrive at the patch, kids will choose a pumpkin and decorate it with provided supplies. There will also be a maze and games at the patch to enjoy for about 40 minutes before heading back aboard the train to return to the museum.

  • October 21st and October 28th, 2023
  • Purchase tickets in advance. They range from $17 to $120 depending on the seating class purchased.

SC State Museum- Dark History Tours

Visit the SC State Museum for a special kind of history tour full of spooky legendary tales from South Carolina’s history. Tours are self-guided and are available every day, or you can attend an educator-led guided tour any Saturday in October at 10:30 am or 2:30 pm. These tours are included in regular museum admission.

Not So Spooky Halloween Trail at Silva Terra

If you are looking for a fun, family-friendly activity that is great for younger children, then the Silva Terra Not-So-Spooky Halloween Trail in Liberty, South Carolina is perfect! The cost is $9 per person, with games, photo ops, and lots of interactive activities. You can even visit Casper’s barn and visit with the farm animals.

Hours for the Not So Spooky Halloween Trail are:

  • 10/14-10/15 Sat/Sun 9:30-3:30 pm
  • 10/21-10/22 Sat/Sun 10:00-5:00 pm
  • 10/28-10/29 Sat/Sun 10:00-5:00 pm
  • 10/31/2023 Tuesday 11:00-3:00 pm
Silva Terra Nature Park Halloween Trail in Liberty, South Carolina
Not So Spooky Halloween Trail, Silva Terra Nature Park

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