Preschool Guide: Kids Garden Columbia

At Kids Garden, we’ve cultivated an eco-friendly community full of wonder, learning and growth. Parents are captivated by the flexibility and convenience, and children have the opportunity to learn and play in a natural and creative way. It’s an alternative for the mindful parent, with plenty of options to fit your family’s needs, offering a safe and supportive place to allow your child to thrive, create and discover.

*Creative Learning: We believe kids learn best through play, and have
designed a learning center for just that.

*Safe and Secure: Drop your child off any time knowing he or she will be in good hands. Our childcare educational center is secured with a keypad
entrance, and we require picture IDs for pickup. Our childcare providers
have all been thoroughly screened and are certified in CPR and first aid.

*ECO Friendly: Kids Garden is a green educational center where everything is environmentally friendly.

*Organic Meals and Snacks: All food served at Kids Garden is wholesome,
nutritious and peanut-free. We work with local partners including Whole
Foods when ordering meals, and hand select healthy snack options.

To sign up for Preschool, please call or email the center directly. or 803.451.0290