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Drive and Learn About Model Trains at AMROC in Columbia, SC

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Did you know that the Associated Model Railroad of Columbia, or AMROC, is regularly open to the public free of charge? Whether you’re an experienced model train hobbyist or just have a young child who likes trains, AMROC could be just right for you! You’ll be able to learn how to drive a model train, how the trains work, all about the different models, and more! See model trains in Columbia, SC at AMROC!

See model trains! Columbia, SC has a free model train museum at AMROC.

What is AMROC? 

Located directly across the street from the Governor’s Mansion, you will find the Associated Model Railroads of Columbia, also known as AMROC. AMROC is an organization made up of several members who build and operate a variety of model trains. They’ve got large “G Scale” models, tiny “N Scale” models, and everything in between. 

AMROC is Open to the Public at No Cost 

Every Thursday, excluding the first Thursday of the month, the members of AMROC open up the building to the public. They begin their demonstrations at 7 pm and are there to educate the community about model trains, give advice on modeling and servicing, and even allow the public to run their own model trains along the tracks. These Thursday events are completely FREE and they welcome all ages to join in on the fun! 

You will need to enter the building on the main level using the door along Laurel Street and across from Finlay Park. There is plenty of on-street parking and a parking garage right next door if needed! 

Kids drive the train displays at AMROC Columbia.

Become a Conductor at the Associated Model Railroad of Columbia 

My husband and I recently had the opportunity to take our kiddos to ARMOC and were greeted with knowledgeable model train engineers who were eager to get us involved. The members answered several of our questions and curiosities, taught us about the differences in each model, and gave us several neat facts about the trains. 

My 4-year-old son was given the opportunity to “drive” one of the model trains and to say his day was made would be an understatement! He was given the throttle and shown how to make the train stop, control the speed, blow the whistle, and make steam come out. He spent the majority of our time there being a little conductor and had so much fun doing so! 

We also had our 2-year-old daughter with us and while she was a bit too young to get as much out of it as my son, she still had fun watching the “choo-choos” and pointing out all the details within the displays.  

Associated Model Railroad of Columbia 

Quick Takeaways: Parent Review and Things to Know

Even though my daughter enjoyed the experience, I think it is best suited for children no younger than 4 years old.

Because of the large models, there isn’t tons of “wiggle room” so keep that in mind as you’re loading up. Strollers would be best kept in the car.

Also, be sure to talk with your kiddos about the importance of not touching the models or trains themselves unless they are given permission.

Happy chugging! 

Upcoming Seasonal Events at AMROC

Along with the Thursday events, AMROC also hosts several other events and demonstrations throughout the year! Some of their upcoming kid-friendly events include:

  • Track or Treat – October 26, 2023 from 7 pm to 9 pm
  • Christmas Show – December 2, 2023 from 10 am to 3 pm 

Associated Model Railroad of Columbia 
1800 Lincoln Street, Columbia 

Have you had the chance to check out AMROC yet?

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Learn All About the Newly Opened Indoor Play Space, PlayMatters SC in West Columbia, SC

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Have you ever heard of Play Matters in West Columbia, SC? If you’re looking for a safe, clean, indoor playspace with a HUGE variety of toys and endless open play options, you’ve got to give this newly opened business a try!

PlayMatters SC has only been open for a few weeks, but local mom and Kidding Around Columbia writer, Kayla, recently had the chance to visit them and is here to give you all the details! 

The New Hot Spot in the Midlands: PlayMatters SC

Play Matters is filling the gap for families with young tots to have a safe, clean, developmentally encouraging indoor space to play. Here you will find several Montessori-inspired playrooms, educational toys, open-ended play stations, materials to develop imagination, climbing structures and so much more. 

As a parent or caregiver, I know we often worry about helping our children achieve all the developmental milestones. Let me be the first to tell you that at Play Matters your children will be able to work on so many developmental areas all in one space – gross motor, fine motor, and social skills, just to name a few. 

Play Matters offers lots of pretend play options in Columbia, SC

How Much Does Play Matters Cost?  

Play Matters charges $15/child and this also includes 2 adults. Your admission is good for a full day of play so you can stay as long or as little as you’d like. I would recommend setting aside no less than 2 hours to be able to fully explore the playspaces, but honestly, you could spend SEVERAL hours here playing the whole day away. 

The camping room play space at Play Matters.

Important Things to Know 

  1. EVERYONE is required to wear socks at all times. This includes adults. If you forget to bring socks, Play Matters has them on sale for $2/pair. 
  2. Outside food and drinks are allowed, however, can only be consumed within the 2 designated snack rooms. 
  3. They have a variety of snacks and drinks for sale for very reasonable prices:
  • $2 bag of chips
  • $1 snack bars 
  • $1 small water
  • $1 juice box 
  • $3 coffee 

What to Expect at Play Matters 

Upon entering Play Matters you will be greeted with a lobby area full of wall hooks, seating, and cubes to leave your belongings in. If it is your first time you will be asked to fill out a waiver and then be given a tour of the facility.

A few things that stood out to me were how clean the entire play space was and the huge variety of play equipment and unique toys. All of the toys are high-quality, sturdy, and things you wouldn’t normally have to play with at home. 

Play Matters indoor play space in Columbia, SC

Private Nursing Room 

Within Play Matters, you will find a quiet, cozy nursing room complete with a comfortable chair, Boppy pillows, a small table, and a locking door. I thought this was such a sweet and thoughtful feature and the perfect place for any nursing momma looking for a bit more privacy. 

Tiny Tot Play Rooms 

There are two designated playrooms for the tiniest tots, ages 0 – 18 months. In these rooms, you will find soft mats, age-appropriate and simple toys, small climbing blocks, a tunnel, a Pikler Triangle, and more. 

Tot play space at Play Matters

Eating Areas 

As mentioned above, there are two snacking areas at Play Matters. All food and drinks are asked to stay within these rooms. These two rooms are complete with picnic tables, plenty of seating, a high chair, and a Bumbo style seat. 

Variety of Themed Play Rooms 

The whole facility is somewhat shaped like a “U” with small rooms all along the outer wall. Each room has a different theme and toy options:

  • Gross Motor Room – 2 indoor play structures with slides, monkey bars, a balance beam, etc. 
  • Imagination Play Room – dress-up costumes, wooden kitchen, and food market, baby dolls, pretend strollers, doll houses, Nugget play couch, and more 
  • Transportation Room – train table, workbench, tools, large cars, and trucks 
  • Bumble Bee Room – couch, picnic table, wooden blocks, storage cube full of Montessori-styled wooden toys 
  • Wildlife Camping Room – play tent, stuffed animals, bookshelf, pretend campfire, variety of animal figures 
  • Outer Space Room – rocketship tent, small sensory room, insect specimen blocks, telescope, blocks, etc. 
Transportation themed play space at Play Matters

Play Matters: Local Mom Review 

When I moved to Columbia almost 3 years ago I searched high and low for a place exactly like Play Matters, but had no luck. I was ecstatic when I found out that this space was opening and to say it is much needed for our area is an understatement.

More than just a clean, fun place to take my kids for some play time, Play Matters also gives moms and caregivers a place to meet other adults, chit-chat with friends while sipping on coffee, and have peace of mind that kids are safe while doing so. 

I recently took my two kids to Play Matters and we stayed for about 3 hours. My son, 4.5 years old, loved the Outer Space-themed playroom the best. He also enjoyed riding around on the cool push cars and met several other children that he enjoyed playing pretend with. My almost 2-year-old daughter had a blast climbing and sliding on the playscapes. She also had fun putting together puzzles and playing with the baby dolls.

Play Matters wood toys

We met up with a friend and her daughter while there and they had an equally good experience. Along with being able to talk with her and other adults, I also loved being able to sit down on a clean floor with my children and play alongside them with new toys.

As we played, the owners were sure to make sure we had everything we needed, were constantly making sure the playrooms and toys were cleaned and tidy, and took the time to strike up conversations with each family.

Play Matters pretend play

More to Come 

Play Matters has only been open for a few weeks, but they have tons of great ideas in the works. They will soon be allowing Birthday Party packages, small group workshops, and more. Be sure to follow Play Matters online for updates and announcements. 

PlayMatters SC 
3685 Leaphart Road, Suite A, West Columbia
Open daily from 10 am to 6 pm 

Have you been to Play Matters yet? What was your child’s favorite room?

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Have the Best Visit to Surge Trampoline Park: Columbia, SC

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Are you considering a visit to Surge Trampoline Park in Columbia, SC? At Surge Trampoline Park, you will find numerous trampolines, ninja courses with 3 different course setups, a high ropes course, two toddler play spaces, foam pits, an arcade and so much more! There truly is something for everyone at Surge.

We have all the details to help you plan your family’s visit, including promotions and discounted sessions.

Surge trampoline Park

Having one of “those” days? You know, the ones where the kids seem to have unlimited energy and you just need to get everyone out of the house? Load up your tribe and head over to Surge Trampoline Park where they can jump, climb, and play the crazies away!

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This article includes:
Surge Trampoline Park: Tips
Things to Do at Surge Trampoline Park
Trampolines at Surge
Ninja Course at Surge
High Ropes Course at Surge Trampoline Park
Things to Do for Toddlers and Preschoolers
Jump in Foam Pits
Arcade at Surge Trampoline Park
Special Days and Deals at Surge Trampoline Park


Storytime, Crafts, Game Nights, & More for the Whole Family at Richland County Libraries

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Have you been to your local Richland County Library recently? Are you looking for events and learning opportunities that your whole family can enjoy? Of course, the libraries have books, but what a lot of people don’t know is that the Richland County Libraries host tons of family-friendly, wholesome events all throughout the week. There are groups for teenagers, crafting events for adults, storytimes for toddlers, learning workshops, and much, much more! 

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Jump, Tumble, and Twist: Carolina Gymnastics Parent and Me Class

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Have you ever heard of Carolina Gymnastics? Whether you’re looking for a Parent and Me class for your tots, an awesome place to host your next birthday party, or a sport to introduce your older kids to, you should give Carolina Gymnastics a try! A local mom and Kidding Around Columbia writer has been taking her young daughter to gymnastics classes here for the past several months and has some great insight we think you will love! 

Carolina Gymnastics in Columbia, SC

Carolina Gymnastics: Parent and Me Classes 

When my daughter began walking, and became more of a “toddler” than a baby, I knew I needed to find something for her to do on a regular basis. Not only to get us out of the house, but to challenge her, teach her new skills, and socialize with other tots her age.

After some searching, I came across the Parent and Me classes at Carolina Gymnastics and I knew I had to give them a try. It was comforting to know that Carolina Gymnastics has been in business since 1976 and was the very first privately owned gymnastics center in all of South Carolina.  

Carolina Gymnastics in Columbia, SC

Group Class Room 

The class we are a part of usually starts out in the Group Class Area. Complete with a climbable castle replica, wall murals, slide, and small foam pit, this room is so cute and fun for small kiddos. Tiny gymnasts are also given the opportunity to free play in the “big gym” where they can jump on the trampoline, swing on the bars, walk across the beams, dance to the music, and so much more! 

Parent and tot class at Carolina Gymnastics

Independence to Explore at Their Own Pace 

Each family can do one free trial class to be sure the classes are a good fit. About halfway through our trial run, it was safe to say that my daughter was HOOKED. The Parent and Me class is set up to give toddlers space and independence to explore and try things on their own time, but with tons of guidance from the coaches. 

I really love that throughout the class I am able to participate with my daughter and learn how to safely teach her new skills such as forward rolls, cartwheel basics, bridges, and so much more. It is so cool to see her learn and achieve new skills even at such a young age! Now, at almost two years old, her favorite thing to do is swing on the bars and jump into the large foam pit. 

Bars with toddler at Carolina Gymnastics

More Classes at Carolina Gymnastics 

There are so many flip-tastic classes at Carolina Gymnastics: 

  • Parent and Me
    • Ages walking to 2 years old
  • Preschool Gymnastics
    • Ages 3 – 5 years old
  • Advanced Preschool Gymnastics
    • Ages 4 -5 years old
  • Girls & Boys Recreational Gymnastics
    • Ages 6 and up 
  • Tumbling Classes
    • Ages 6 and up 
Carolina Gymnastics in Columbia, SC

Twist and Tumble at Your Next Birthday Party

Looking for a unique place to host your child’s next birthday party? Carolina Gymnastics could be a great fit! Parties include: 

  • 1.5 hour celebration
  • Age appropriate games
  • Invitations 
  • Goody bags
  • Special t-shirt and medal for birthday child 
  • Gym play 

There are two different packages to choose from. You can either provide your own cake or have the gymnastics center provide one for you. Depending on the number of guests you have at your party and the package you choose, parties can cost anywhere from $220 to $310. 

You’ll find more birthday party options in our Kidding Around Guide to Birthday Parties in Columbia, SC

Carolina Gymnastics 
437 Rabon Road

Have you ever visited Carolina Gymnastics? 

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Jump, Skate, and Play Laser Tag at Flight Adventure Park in Columbia, SC

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Are you searching for an indoor place to have fun with your family in Northeast Columbia, SC? Whether you’ve got toddlers, teenagers, or a mix of both, Flight Adventure Park is the perfect place for you! Here your kiddos can jump on trampolines and bounce houses, roller skate, play laser tag, and more! Below you will find all you need to know about Flight Adventure Park – from purchasing tickets to information on all the awesome attractions! 

Things to Do at Flight Adventure Park:
Ninja Course
Roller Skating
Laser Tag
Turf Field

This article includes:
About Flight Adventure Park
Tickets and Pricing at Flight
Things to Do at Flight Adventure Park
Deals and Events at Flight Adventure Park

Ninja course at Flight Adventure Park

Free Movies for Summer, Plus Super Cheap Options in Columbia, SC

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Are you wondering where you can find free movies for summer in Columbia, SC? Regal Movies, the Town of Blythewood, the Icehouse Amphitheater, and The Big Mo are hosting summer movie events that your whole family will love! Below we’ve got the details on where you can see movies for free or super budget-friendly this summer. 

Let’s Go to the Summer Movies: Columbia, SC  

It’s no secret that taking your family to the movies can be quite expensive – the tickets, popcorn, drinks, and candy all add up QUICK! Maybe you’ve even got a toddler or two that you’re just not sure are ready to make it through a whole movie in a crowded, evening theater, but taking them during the day or even to an outdoor venue might seem a little more manageable!

This summer we found great options to not only make going to the movies cheap but also fun and memorable for your whole tribe. Try these summer movies for kids and families this year and don’t break the bank to do it!

free movies for summer, Columbia, SC

Bowlero: The Modern and Trendy Bowling Alley

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Have you ever been to Bowlero Bowling Alley in Cayce, SC? Bowlero provides a fantastic indoor, family-friendly activity to beat the rising temperatures of summer and the unpredictable rainstorms that come with it.

If you’re looking for a place to go bowling in Cayce, SC, Bowlero has budget-friendly weekday deals, an arcade, a sports bar, and several bowling lanes! We had a great time visiting Bowlero. Here’s everything you need to know!

Bowlero bowling lanes in Cayce, SC

Bowlero Provides a Great Bowling Experience 

Conveniently located in Cayce, Bowlero gives a fresh take on bowling with its modern and trendy decor. They’ve got 24 bowling lanes, comfortable seating, huge TV’s, an arcade, and a sports bar. 

My family and I recently made a visit to Bowlero on a Friday around 4 pm and we had the whole bowling alley to ourselves! I was a little nervous because of the young ages of my children, but both my daughter (1.5) and son (4) had an absolute blast.

Staff provided us with a bowling ramp to make it easy for them to join in on the fun. Along with the ramp, we also chose to have bumpers on our lane. Keep in mind that they aren’t automatic bumpers so if you choose this option, they will remain up for each player.

They also played fun, upbeat music that kept my kids occupied by dancing around while they waited their turns. The staff was very friendly and checked in on us about halfway through our game. 

Pricing and Weekday Specials at Bowlero 

A quick game of bowling would be the perfect indoor activity this summer! And good news is, Bowlero runs several money-saving weekday specials! A regular game of bowling will cost $5.99/person plus shoe rental fees. Weekday savings include: 

  • Sunday Funday
    • $4.39/game and $3 for a $6 arcade card after 8 pm 
  • Night Strike
    • $16.49 unlimited bowling on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8 pm – close 
  • Triple Play
    • $3.33/game on Tuesdays after 8 pm 
  • Half-Priced Arcade Day
    • 50% off the price of arcade games all day on Wednesdays 

Lanes can be reserved online at Bowlero’s website in either 2 or 2.5-hour time slots. This is highly recommended during weekends. 

Sports Bar at Bowlero 

Bowlero also has a sports bar located near the lanes with large flat-screen TV’s. Along with a variety of adult beverages, you can also order food that will be delivered right to your lane as you bowl. They offer burgers, wings, nachos, pizza, sweet treats, and more.

Sports bar and lounge at Bowlero in Cayce, SC

Arcade Fun 

The arcade at Bowlero features several different styles of games – racing, basketball, claw machines, and more. You will need to load an arcade card with credits before playing.

Arcade at Bowlero in Cayce, SC

900 Axtell Drive, Cayce 

Did your family enjoy Bowlero?

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Kroger Chef Junior: Cheap Cooking Experience for Kids Builds Kitchen Confidence

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Have you heard about Kroger Chef Junior? This program offers a low-cost opportunity for kids to learn a new cooking skill in a mini-cooking class. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to spend a little quality time with Mom or Dad. Kroger Chef Junior is a program found at participating Kroger stores in South Carolina and Georiga, including both Columbia, SC and Atlanta, GA. We tried the Kroger Chef Junior in Columbia, SC and had a blast.

Each month is a different simple recipe, usually themed. For example, we went in May and did Fiesta Corn for Cinco de Mayo. It was very fun and something we look forward to doing again! So, here’s everything you need to know about Kroger Chef Junior from registration to what to expect at the class.

Kroger Chef Junior

Kroger Chef Junior: Does Your Store Participate?

First off, go online to the Kroger Chef Junior Website and put in your zip code to find the locations close to you that offer Kroger Chef Junior. Currently in Columbia SC, two Kroger stores offer Kroger Chef Junior, and both are in northeast Columbia. One is off Two Notch Road just before Sandhills Mall – near the Target and Spring Valley High School – while the other is northwest on Robert’s Branch Parkway.

Once you select a location, you will need to register for the class.

Kroger Chef Junior, ready to cook

Date and Time: Kroger Cooking Classes for Kids

As for when it is, classes are offered on select Saturdays between 9:00 am and 1:30 pm. As I said, there is one recipe class per month. That recipe is offered two weekends out of the month.

The slots to sign up for are 30 minutes, but it is pretty brief, closer to 15 minutes. Kids try the recipe one at a time, so it is not long to wait their turn or long to stay focused.

Cost for Kroger Chef Junior and What’s Included

The cost is $7 per kid, parents do not need to register. Included is:

  • a reusable apron they can put their name on
  • a single-use paper chef hat (adjustable),
  • a patch that can be ironed or sewn on (one for each recipe),
  • their own take-home durable plastic kitchen tool (this time measuring spoons),
  • pocket to keep recipes
  • and a recipe card of the day (good quality).

Age: Who is Kroger Chef Junior For?

There does not currently appear to be any age restrictions on the program. I took a four-year-old, and the instructor provided plenty of help. Older kids we saw also seemed to enjoy it. While you know your kid best, based on the setup, I’d say a three-year-old who is already helpful in the kitchen might be old enough and a ten or eleven-year-old with beginner interest in cooking might enjoy it, but mostly kindergarten to third graders are the target.

Also, there are enough spaces to book siblings or a playdate, but since kids work one at a time, I took one kid as a quick mommy and me experience (while I grabbed something from the store) as some special time where he got all my attention. If you’re looking for a way to do that, this is great.

The short one-on-one setup also works well for a beginner play date for kindergartners or others into parallel play with nuerodivergence, which is one reason we chose it.

Experience: What to Expect at Kroger Chef Junior

Right away, it was very easy to find the Chef Junior class. There were plenty of signs. It was located near an entrance as a display sort of off to the side near produce (and in the Two Notch Road location right by the Starbucks). A long-standing table, that would be wheelchair accessible, was decorated sort of like a picnic and held all the ingredients. The area had a lot of stimuli, so do be prepared for that.

My kid was thrilled with all the materials provided and could not wait to jump in and get started! The kids were allowed to forgo certain ingredients they didn’t like, and nothing particularly hazardous was used for this recipe, such as flames and sharp knives. It was very simple, but a big confidence builder and fun.

The recipe was definitely something he could make again at home, even on his own, which is a great skill. It also encouraged him to try something new. Although his experiment was not his favorite result, we do look forward to trying others.

This program and provided take-home materials set kids up to want to do more at home, after the class.

Afterward, as we did a little shopping, everyone in the store was very impressed with his chef’s ensemble, which made his day!

Kroger Chef Junior

Main Takeaways from Kroger Chef Junior Experience:

  • One Simple Recipe a Month, two Saturdays to choose from
  • $7 a kid, register online
  • One Kid at a time, brief activity
  • Excellent materials
  • Very fun learning experience
  • Great for ages 4-8, first playdates, mommy/daddy and me outings

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Get Lost in Space: Visiting the Melton Observatory at USC

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Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered what secrets it holds? If you’re a lover of all things space, then the Melton Observatory at the University of South Carolina is definitely worth a visit. This totally free, educational opportunity is located on USC’s Columbia campus, offering visitors a chance to explore the wonders of the universe in a unique and immersive way.

Here’s everything you need to know about visiting this distinctive destination.

Check out the Melton Observatory for free in Columbia, SC

What is the Melton Observatory?

The Melton Observatory is an astronomical observatory located on the Columbia campus of the University of South Carolina. The observatory is named for the late Dr. William Davis Melton, who was the president of the University of South Carolina in the 1920’s. The observatory features a dome and a 16-inch Cassegrain telescope, which is used for viewing the stars, planets, and other objects in space.

What can you see at the Melton Observatory?

Visitors can use the telescope to view a wide range of objects, including planets like Jupiter and Saturn, as well as star clusters, and galaxies. The observatory also offers a livestream during the hours of their public viewing for free. The Melton Observatory livestream can be accessed on Monday nights from 9:00 pm until 11:00 pm.

I’ve also taken advantage of viewing their past livestreams, available on their website, and admired some of their previous videos of the moon, stars, and planets around us.

The recorded livestreams are a great options for families with young children who can’t quite stay up late enough for a visit to the observatory!

Visit the Melton Observatory for Free!

The Melton Observatory is located at 1429 Greene Street in Columbia and is open to the public on Monday nights from 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm on clear nights. During these public observing nights, visitors can use the telescope to view the night sky and learn more about the stars and planets. If you’re interested in visiting the observatory, be sure to check the Melton Observatory website for the most up-to-date schedule of events and to ensure the skies are clear for viewing.

Mom Review: Free, Educational and Recommended!

Whether you’re a seasoned astronomer or just looking for a unique and educational experience, the Melton Observatory at the University of South Carolina is definitely worth a visit. With its state-of-the-art telescope and knowledgeable staff, this observatory offers visitors the opportunity to explore the wonders of the universe and galaxies around us.

The observatory does welcome children, but particularly due to the expensive equipment, children must be supervised!

I can confidently recommend a visit to the Melton Observatory – it’s a unique and educational experience that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the beauty and complexity of our universe. And we love that USC brings this experience FREE to the public.

Our family of adventurous natural world explorers really appreciates all that they have to offer. So, if you’re looking for an unforgettable adventure that combines nature, education, and beauty, add a trip to Melton Observatory at USC to your list and share your experience with us in the comments!